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LivingDeadDoll- 16-04-2006 8:27 AM

I need help with videos

I am relativley new to all this modern technology and would appreciate a little help on one thing.
I have a Samsung D500 and would like to download some videos from the internet and then bluetooth them to my phone from there using a dongle. The only problem is that i can't find a site where i can save videos to my hard drive.
Even if i did manage to save one, they are not in the right format to play on my phone. Could somebody please tell me if i am doing something wrong or point me in the right direction.
All suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.
A x

Tomcat7194 19-04-2006 8:42 PM

Google Videos allows you to download videos in a variety of formats. You can also download them with a service like Limewire, and then use a conversion program. What format does your phone take?

LivingDeadDoll- 28-04-2006 6:30 PM

Sorry TomCat been away for a week. My phone accepts MP4 and 3G? It means nothing to me, but you say Google Video? Do they have a lot to choose from?

0dd 03-05-2006 3:11 AM

If you download videos in .mpg or .avi format, there's a lot of free programs out there that will convert the file format for you.

LivingDeadDoll- 07-05-2006 11:28 AM

I managed to get a video, but was unable to download it straight on to my phone, and had to play it on my computer while recording it on my phone. This seems to be the only way I can do it - unless someone has an easier way?

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