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Shagy 19-04-2006 10:27 PM

What's Needed?
I am going to a cell phone for my brother, but I was wondering what accessories do you thing are absolute must haves?

ebittner 20-04-2006 12:35 AM

Well I would say you need to get him a belt clip and a case. Those are to keep it in a good condition.

seeemilywrite 21-04-2006 9:53 AM

I use my car charger pretty reguarly. They are good if you're on the go a lot. Other than that, Ive never had mcuh other than the straight up cell phone. My phone came with a belt clip. Always gets in the way so I never sue it unless I have to.

Mike C 22-04-2006 3:01 AM

I suggest buying him a belt clip, but he might be like me and prefer to keep the phone in his pocket. Other than that, maybe a spare charger just in case he ruins or loses his.

Karl 22-04-2006 4:15 AM

Definatly the belt clip, and definatly a protection case. This will definatly improve the life of your phone.

Apoclypse 22-04-2006 4:16 AM

I would suggest getting a charger if it doesn't already come with one. With out it, you cant recharge the battery. ;)

Phreak 25-04-2006 9:35 PM

I think you need to get him a nice car charger and a belt clip that is all you need.

burfi 28-04-2006 10:10 AM

Absolute must - None except the charger

important - headphones

0dd 03-05-2006 3:12 AM

Car charger for sure, but that's really the only accessory you definitely need. If you like any other others, go ahead, but they aren't too necessary.

geline 06-05-2006 11:37 AM

I agree to all of you. Basically, the charger is a must because you just can't keep the phone working for a long time without a charger. As for the belt clip, it helps younger kids cope up with the responsibility of being able to take care of his phone and have it secured.

dshiznitsixt9 26-06-2006 12:19 PM

I think that the only thing nessecary for the phone would be the charger. But if your brother is messy or clumsy, get the case ;)

Webster 16-07-2006 5:09 AM

I think all that you need to get him is the phone let him get whatever he wants for the other things because if you get the wrong ones he will not like it. Just let him pick.

BigGuy 13-08-2006 5:08 AM

You really do not need anything other then the phone and the charger. I think that is all that you really need if he wants more let him get it.

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