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nzgedlzod 18-01-2012 12:11 AM

When you're not happy, trouble , please read this
! Not avoid them to avoid facing the most painful not necessarily unhappy alone may not be able to get lost is not necessarily a long not do not turn around again weakest no choice but to rush do not think that the world is only right and wrong answers to many things are not only a so ~ ~ ~ we always have paths to take you to find a reason sad you can find a happy reason rest assured that people find easy to understand forgotten people know how to find free know how to find friends who care for cold weather is not cold chilling cold is willing to warm your heart every day of (^_^) some people grew up with - who lost mature with some - scars Fortunately there is hope you can always go to other Fortunately, the distance between people appeal to the eye good life more happiness than pain in this world Fortunately , there are many beautiful Fortunately, when you are ripe you is not nothing anything can be a lack of good mood is not the lack of anything can not happiness can not do What you can forget about the family alone friends not forget ,Monster Beats Sale! !

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