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Old 17-01-2012, 11:18 PM
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Heart inch wide , one-third of beneficiaries

,Veste Ralph Lauren inch wide heart, benefit from one-third. 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To succeed in business, 85% by the attitude of the most important positive attitude, even if anything bad, there is an upside. Living in heaven or hell, depending on your attitude, not change the past, but can be changed now. learn to relax, life is relaxed, good mood starting from the self-relaxation, do not let others control their minds live differently, live in different mood , the situation can be unhappy, but not the lower mind, feeling themselves freed from the bad, cool down is to obtain a good mood magic. Good mood from the the courage to break the the anguish turned into joy, what can not lose heart lose, tolerance yourself, do not, and against themselves. control their emotions, you can control the situation, the bad mood is happy Learn to manipulate the emotions of the psychology should not be, not to be surrounded by guilt feelings, find the lever to remove the pain, his own release from the tension out, eliminate illusions, keep the mind open, out of the cycle of sadness and depression, inhibition of anger, emotional balance, relax mind, do not No base suspicion, control their emotions, learn to strain. with the sense of balance, the face of ordinary life, learn to enjoy the wonderful life, every day is a good day, multi-point flavor of life, enjoy life, Gan Yi, stop and better perception of life, to lead their own life, do not mind the views of others, to endure the pain of life, a little more love, a little more spice of life to enjoy music, you will add color to your life , cherish life, know how precious life, to live alone, away from strife and noise, create a new life for themselves, do not care about age, happily live well every day, life is full of passion, from the ordinary experience of sweet, properly manage the money, not to be the master of money, recognize the purpose of the work is not just for the money, the situation for their own peace of mind, habits change a small step, a big life change. create happiness, the happiness in his hands, I'm alive is happiness, happiness is in her power is, and try to make up their own happiness first, the pain and happy just a wall, learn to create their own happiness, who can seize happiness, who can be happy, choose happiness, you happiness, self-sufficiency, the most important factor of happiness, happiness in the life of every little thing in practice often happy, you will be able to happy, from the ordinary experience of life in happiness, no one is perfect, Do not defect when regret will always choose to look forward. sensible manner, cool to give up, to make the right choice, in order to grasp the destiny and learn to rationally choose to give up smartly, did not give up there will be willing to harvest new homes, to get more sensible to give up Life is the attitude to be adopted, is neglected, and Gains. Know how to put down, do not should not want. Reason to give up more valuable than ignorance to insist, with its conservative, it is better to forswear, do not know how to care, it is possible to lose more, there is the wrong choice, there will be mistakes in life. Give up the empty goal, choose their own, not stubborn, choose a white lie, practical efforts to give opportunistic mentality, to understand the fish and can not have both. believe in yourself, confidence in life the most beautiful, confident of success is the core strength, proper evaluation of their own, not self-deprecating, to have the courage and the first fight forever spirit. Believe in yourself, confidence in life the most beautiful treasure their own, do not care about the views of others, believe in yourself first, then others will believe you, to overcome low self-esteem, develop self-confidence. Have been beyond the self-confidence. Master of its own, I believe they are the best. Self-understanding, self-understanding, self-confidence to master the six steps, people do not have confidence in depression, frustration strive to become the protagonist of life, life is not contempt of difficulties, in order to overcome the difficulties, life is not really absolute, depending on the setbacks for wealth, success will crown, never bow to the harsh environment, misfortune comes, to choose a strong face, no matter how the situation. Must learn to be responsible, difficult conditions, to forge a determination of the character. The best response is to solve problems face it, more ways, do not hang in a tree, do not make excuses for the losers.
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