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Old 17-01-2012, 11:25 PM
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20 -year-old white vinegar make you younger

White vinegar make you 20 years younger by the common white vinegar, in fact they are a very deep skin care secret. Only the clever use of ordinary common white vinegar, you can make your face glow with beautiful skin. white vinegar wash beauty articles. Among white vinegar applied to the face, you can make your skin supple Oh. 1, the daily wash of white vinegar Method: Wash your face every time, put a small basin of water, adding a small amount (about 2 tablespoons) of white vinegar, and mix thoroughly into the water, flew at his face , or simply face immersed in warm water. Then the water drained, and then start a normal wash program. 2, white vinegar wrinkle face France: white vinegar can reduce wrinkles: the evening after washing your face, take a spoon of vinegar, 3 tablespoons of water mixed with a cotton ball dipped in full, place in lightly wrinkled face rubbed, and then gently massage the belly with your fingers, wash. This approach can help to eliminate fine facial wrinkles. 3, white vinegar soft skin: A, first wash the face and hands, and then immersed in warm water add vinegar and wash hands for 5 minutes, washed with water, long-term to do so, may make the skin smooth and delicate, the amount of vinegar added to the water should be less subject to water does not change color. B, the white vinegar and water in accordance with the ratio of 1:3, and can be individually packed in a mineral water bottle. Washed face every day, morning and evening, gently with the palm vinegar water shot in the face, do not use too much time, a little on the line. You feel the whole face wet on the line. This can also be occasionally washed with a wash. 4, white vinegar freckle fade spots: Use white vinegar into the trace amount of medicine Atractylodes reconciliation, sealed immersion week. After every wash, wipe the surface Minister spot where the course of time will enable the gradual elimination of freckles, retreat. 5, white vinegar get rid of tired: for the bath, in warm water add 1 to 2 tablespoons vinegar, after a bath not only removes the stratum corneum of skin aging, and the elimination of fatigue, full of spirit, face also appears very rosy. 6, white vinegar can inhibit dandruff: Every night before bed, with a 1:1 vinegar and water in a dandruff health benefits of coating wet, gently rub the hair roots , 10 minutes, washed with water. This can generate excessive dandruff, and can eventually cure. Warm water with added vinegar shampoo is also effective. 7, white vinegar hair: shampoo every time after a neutral shampoo, then a small amount of vinegar into the rinse hair with warm water, rinse with water after 20 minutes. Slowly, the hair will become soft and shiny, beautiful black. white vinegar beauty recipes articles: clever white vinegar and other materials to a well with, there will be surprise of the skin care effect. 1. Toner: Ingredients: white vinegar (white vinegar 2.20 yuan Shanghai); Phoenix glycerol ($ 3) Formula One: the skin thick black person. White vinegar: glycerol = 2:1 mixture, often paint on the skin, 2-3 times a day, make the skin moist, reduce melanin deposition, one month after the soft white skin that is delicate, clean and smooth and elastic, full of beauty. formula II: dry skin itching. White vinegar: 4:1 mixture of glycerol, while washing or bathing, after the pores open, the skin is dry, applied to the skin, have a good effect. formula III: Grandma's super-moisturizing skin secret. White vinegar + glycerol + twelve astragalus, this formula is very moisturizing, a little sticky, so you can not use, apply a skin cream, this recipe for night use. formula IV: Fairy formula. White vinegar: glycerol: water = 1:2:4, more white vinegar summer, winter, more glycerol. Personally think that if put too much will be very sticky glycerin, and then use the cream if it will stick together, so a little more respected white vinegar method, but if that too much vinegar, then add some water now! 2. Rejuvenation Acne: Formula One: white vinegar + water. White vinegar: water = 1:3 with a good, every day, sooner or later washed face, gently with the palm vinegar shot in the face, one need not use too much, a little on the line. Do you think the whole face wet on the line. This can also be occasionally washed with a wash. Adhere to a week, have the effect, the skin is very delicate, less acne, and acne scars are faded, the skin no oil, the pores are reduced. formula II: white vinegar + cucumber juice. White vinegar: cucumber juice = 1:1 fine, applied to the face after face wash after 10 minutes, 3 times a day, once every two weeks later not at all. formula III: white vinegar attaining. After washing the face every night even with a little touch of white vinegar on the face (avoiding the eyes around) and ten to fifteen minutes, feeling his face with a layer of dry membrane, washed with water, the first time you will do feels a bit like doing a little pain in the face Do not worry about bacteria-like white vinegar do have a bactericidal effect, bear with me, so after washing your face you will find the place a little red vinegar Maguo Do not worry about your sleep one morning on ok (so only thing to do at night). . This should adhere to, once or twice will not be noticeable effect, but insisted that one week you will find that their skin will become very thin will find themselves white. 3. Freckle fade spots Material: Atractylodes (in pharmacies and sell: 2 yuan twelve) formula: Use white vinegar into the trace amount of Atractylodes reconcile, seal soaked for a week. After every wash, wipe the surface spot at the minister, the course of time can make freckles fade away, retreat. make good use of white vinegar to your side of the beauty of it, but word of caution, if the skin sensitive MM side tried to be careful. recipe for a woman 10 years younger beauty of women, who do not want to make themselves younger, and can retain a healthy United States? We introduce the method is very easy to implement, as long as you can stick to. Like 10 years younger? No imagination so difficult, but also perseverance Oh! A little more every day, can be a little more beautiful! 1. A tomato or apple a in fruits and vegetables, tomatoes are the highest content of vitamin A, vitamin C content of apples is also very high, so every day eat at least one such fruit to meet the daily requirement of Vitamin C. 2. cup of vinegar for a woman, to protect the skin, in addition to diet, plus a bottle of vinegar in the make-up stage, each Wash hands after the first add a layer of vinegar, covered with a cloth, leave for 20 minutes after the wash, you can make the skin soft white delicate hand. If you live in areas where the water hard water, then wash your face every day in a little water, put a little vinegar, you can play the role of beauty. 3. skin daily cup of yogurt to Yogurt Mask is the use of these lactic acid, play a peeling mask the effect of daily use, will make the skin soft, delicate. Also very simple, little things only. yogurt and other cosmetic effect: hair with shampoo her hair, then rinse with yogurt to use as conditioner, hair shampoo not only residual problem, but also feels very soft. But be sure to use warm water rinse. calcium from the calcium point of view, a woman is most likely a calcium group. The milk of calcium is better than any kind of food, especially yogurt,Chemise Boss Pas Cher, more easily absorbed by the body. So women should drink a cup of yogurt a day to ensure 4. Woman a glass of milk to middle-aged, estrogen began to subside, which would accelerate the body's calcium loss, will cause the body's various functions of the recession quickly, drink a glass of milk every day, can increase the body replenish estrogen, there will not be man-made drug regulation and the formation of body organs of other side effects. 5. sooner or later, two cups of boiled water plenty of moisture is the protection of health and beauty. Morning glass of water can clean the intestinal tract, complement the loss of water at night. Night glass of water overnight to ensure the blood is because of water shortage will not be too thick. Therefore, the role of drinking water every night can not be underestimated. how clever drink: lunch time: drinking water before a meal reduced food intake try to drink a glass of water before each meal as a rolling sound can fill the five internal organs Temple, reducing dietary components; two to supplement the body needs water to speed up metabolism. 6. woman a cup of tea must be tea, and if there is no stomach problems, green tea and oolong tea best. Tea is the most natural, most effective weight loss agent. Now, of course have been processed using a variety of dried flowers for care of people with the tea, have a direct beauty, can promote sleep, and so forth. How to be a tea beauty: tea slimming tea great stress here that is not the traditional tea, black tea or something, but according to their need to select materials to soak system, such as: barley, lotus leaf, lemon ... ... 7. daily a foot soak in the morning (20 minutes), but also in the evening ( preferably 1 hour), with 40 degrees of hot water a few drops of vinegar foot bath, fitness sedative effect can play. taught you how to do foot foot of the first foot into the deployment process is a good solution soak for 20 minutes, then wipe his feet, the foot massage. foot process demonstration: (left) and his feet dry, then apply moisturizing cream. (right) hands and tapping feet horizontally outside, play the role of calf muscles to relax share has been shared 5 times Share from: sunflowers log
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