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Old 22-01-2012, 5:15 PM
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Good and bad ways open test cosmetics CCTV

Cleanser: 1. A hint of fragrance, squeeze the water should melt in your hand, there is no greasy feeling. lotion: 1. hard shake, shake to see bubbles after completing. a. little bubble, indicating that fewer nutrients. b. more but the big bubble, indicating that contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid cleanser is better, but the Big Easy irritating allergies. c. many very small bubbles, and soon disappeared, indicating the alcoholic. Do long-term use, easy to damage the skin's protective film. d. bubble rich and delicate, with a thick layer, and durable Needless, it is good water. 2. good quality non-alcoholic taste. Bad use a cool feeling, smell some alcohol flavor. 3. the general make-up water has a color, if the improper storage locations, often under the sun, or stored for too long, the color fades; 4. toner bottles are non-transparent, never to buy. Because they can not identify. emulsion: 1. smell it. Good pure ingredients, without a strong smell of spices to suppress the product. 2. If it is latex, a cup of water, the emulsion poured into the water a little bit, if floating on the water side, that inside the stone ester oil (which is now not recommended for use in cosmetics), shake the water into a milky white, proved inside with emulsifiers, such as cosmetics is not good. If you pour in the water, the Ministry of emulsion in the end sinking, that does not contain Whetstone esters, such can be used. Whetstone ester will hurt the skin, causing skin dry, because he is the main reason for blocking the pores, over time, the pores will grow. These are experts said. Cream: 1. put a little in common spoon, take fire, until it is completely burned, if there black residue, which is a variety of additives, the more that the more additives, and then put a cotton core in the spoon, the core point of the cotton, you will see that the water would black smoke, so the product is bad. essence: for liquid essence, be sure to observe the time of purchase essence of color and form, if there are turbidity, precipitation or discoloration and other phenomena, such essence can no longer use. Oily, acne prone skin infections in the purchase and use of consumer essence must be careful, even if the purchase should be selected with anti-inflammatory,Northface Mens Jackets, bactericidal effect of the essence to do. Foundation: 1. take the appropriate amount into the water, and then observe the reaction. Generally occur in three ways: glued to the cup side, floating on the water, submerged in the bottom of the cup. Three cases that illustrate the ingredients it contains. A good product is non-stick cup side, not float, not sink bottom of the cup. a. glued to the glass side of the animal oil. b. floating on the water is mineral oil. c. submerged in the bottom of the cup of the heavy metals lead, mercury and so on. makeup: find a silver object, cast to the cosmetics or makeup, silver cosmetics to explain things in a black lead and mercury. Cleansing Milk: 1. selected points when the first oil rubbed waterproof foundation or lipstick. Products like mascara on the back of the hand, then pour milk spread your makeup, it is easy to see and make-up products are integrated, and can wipe off with tissues. Placed in the store too long Cleansing Milk will be the same as tofu or soy milk salt, there are lumps appear. 2. moisturizing products, many of which are made of mineral oil, you painted them on paper, after a while to wipe off the excess, if the moisture it will wrinkle the paper, if it is mineral oil system, then you will find that it is transparent! 3. You can also get product into the iron spoon squeeze, and then following a fire to heat, which contain mineral oil, then oil will come out of it! 4. cream cans, if the technology is well filled, delicate texture of the finished product, it will show uniform and smooth surface morphology, the size of the hole will not appear. 2. with fire, the cleanser into the Shaonei, with fire, spilled oil, it is not a good facial cleanser, if you get tired like milk, indicating a good facial cleanser. 3. PH test paper to try to get to know, it pushed directly on the test paper you will know
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