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Old 22-01-2012, 5:20 PM
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Homemade ice cream for the kids collection up!

Haagen-Dazs is too expensive , poor people like me really can not afford to eat ah , a spoonful of will 38 dollars, went bankrupt this summer, do not eat ah . And what flavors sell out , coloring , preservatives, everything is complete, this body can not stand ah . Or it -yourself , food and clothing Well , huh, huh . also very simple ,Ralph Lauren Sale, you need to prepare 4 eggs ( yolk only ) , two bags of milk , twenty-two sugar the sugar and egg yolks together with a whisk to pass , labeled white on it , is like that. Of course, no mixer can also use chopsticks , but will be very tired , huh, huh . the milk into the pot, cook until slightly open the cooked milk, scoop with a spoon slowly into the beaten egg , the side down while stirring . ( Note must not put the milk into the egg mixture all at once , so the egg will be boiled milk , agglomeration ) the stirred solution and then pour custard frying in , cook until slightly boiling , turn off the heat , pour into container and let cool the liquid into the custard and let cool in the freezer . It is best to stir every two hours , so there will be an ice ballast . If the family has cream , you can cut around the stir in the egg mixture in the 1CM , so the taste will be more fragrant . the night I usually do , and then put in the refrigerator for one night , next day you can eat . Of course, can be coupled with your favorite jam or fruit , this time you can play your imagination and create your own unique taste of ice cream . how, it looked pretty good , then try it faster hands . For the family in the heat of summer brings touch of cool , delicious and healthy , both adults and children to eat them all at ease .
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Old 22-01-2012, 11:05 PM
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стройматериалы!! доставка!!! скидки!!

Торговая компания предлагает ВСЕ строительные материалы для Вашей стройки! - OSB / ОСП (Ориентированно-Стружечная Плита) от 490 руб./лист, - Стеклоизол, Гидроизол, Гидростеклоизол, Линокром, Унифлекс, Техноэласт от 35,9 руб./кв.м. - Утепление чердаков (БЕТОФОМ, аналог БЕТОФОМа, Теплофома, ТЕПЛАНа) от 649 руб./кв.м. - Фанера ФСФ от 16 950 руб./куб.м, Фанера ламинированная (Россия) от 25800 руб./ куб. м. -Теплоизоляция (Изолайт/Изобокс/Роклайт от 1250 руб./куб.м, Пеноплэкс/Теплекс/ Примаплекс от 3350руб./куб.м, Утеплит/Урса/Изовол/Изорок от 700 руб./куб.м, ПСБС от 795 руб./куб.м, П-125 от 2950 руб./куб.м). СКАТНАЯ КРОВЛЯ: Shinglas (шинглас), Icopal, Katepal, Tegola от 199 руб./кв.м. - Металлочерепица от 199 руб./кв.м; - ЦСП от 457 руб./лист; - Пароизоляция (Строизол, Tyvek, Eltete, Ютафол) от 14,5 руб./кв.м; - Школа ремонта » Статьи от 179 руб./кв.м;
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