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Old 30-01-2012, 6:01 AM
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You need to follow your pain

Girls follow you, you pain is needed! Boys all look like a man girl, for he is very good, very good kind. She gave him the laundry, housecleaning, morning Mai Zaodian to him, innocent girl leaning against a man around. Some men think that every possible care is a very pleasant thing, so they naturally together. Men used to have girls around the day, but then, the girl on the left, is the time when men in their sleep. finished after the bewildered man asked me: her, why she left it? We come out from the coffee shop, take a look at a man crossing the street when they quickly went to the neutral side of the traffic, I waved for urging me in the past. I have some helpless laugh. I asked a man is not reluctant to pull the girl's hand. He said you can hug at home, on the outside than sorry ah. I said he must cross the road faster than girls, he nodded and said, how do you know? I said, sweeping the girls wash the dishes, he must be relaxed watching TV. Men say that they seemed to understand Mo Zhuotou. I said, go to restore it if you understand. men really want to understand. In fact, many women look very strong, but still soft inside, you need a man care of. She does not care you gave her money, but will always remember you naughty roadside flower beds to steal back from the flower into her hands rose. She was busy in the kitchen when you sent from behind a sweet kiss will make her feel happy. When you cross the road, holding tightly in your left hand to her, no matter what age, will make her feel safe. world, many women, beautiful, gentle, intelligent, lovely ... ... no matter what type of woman can look forward to a happy mood are the same. So they are waiting for the appearance of a man, waiting for the man of their own good. In fact, women looking for their own good, is a very simple matter. she only wants a man not because of their busy and forget her birthday. Hear he whispered to say She only wants to do housework when tired, he gently stroked his forehead say Her only hope that when scared or lonely men around her arm around the shoulders firmly told her of. Man you could not feel, but the woman was a single word of note in the bottom of my heart. They will reward you with more love. try to kiss before leaving your woman. Tenderness often tell her how much you love her. Rest of the time grabbed her hand to wash the clothes. Good weather to take her to walk in the park. Before going to bed to her talk about the company, on the way home to see interesting things. Occasionally patience to listen to a woman talk about things, even if you cabbage 50 cents, or 40 cents a pound are not interested. She wore a new dress in time, a serious look at two minutes, then sincere praise on her. If the skirt big, they say you are slim, and if a small skirt, and said if the larger will be more beautiful. When shopping can pull a woman's hand or clutch her shoulders, because of this, she will feel happy. Women want to be in the ordinary care, to be loved. Gentle bits and pieces you must let her smell the aroma of happiness. In fact, the happiness of a woman to be very simple. You for your patience a good woman, do not need such as volcanic hot, do not need,Ralph Lauren UK, such as the surging waves, steady enough to make her happy life. one evening, I received a telephone man. He was very excited to tell me that the girl back to his side. I asked him how to do, he said, spent a lot of effort just walk around to the girl, also a rarity in the junction to go. Cross the road when the girl left standing, holding her hand tightly. I laughed and said you get the point. Hey man, said: that is to take care of themselves around the ribs become a woman, to love her, or you also feel pain chest. follow you, is your pain! !
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