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Old 05-02-2012, 9:20 AM
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Idiot with a computer hacker dialogue

Hacker: I control your computer white: how to control it? hackers: white with a Trojan :. . . . . . Where? I did not see hackers: Open your task manager white:. . . . . . . Task Manager where? hackers:. . . . . Here your computer! ! White: computer white: Oh hackers: fear, right? ! Hey White: to the just, to help me kill the virus it, a lot of problems recently my machine Jesus hackers:. . . . . . white: how do you always in my computer and out casual hackers: You can install a firewall white: install a firewall, you can not enter the it? hackers: No ah, I just want to increase the point of interest, so control of your computer so that I feel an idiot yeah. White: I heard that you would create a ? ! hackers: ah white: you can control someone else's computer? ! hackers: the generally white: you can black out that site? hackers: Of course, I did not hear people called white:. . . . Oh ~ ~ ~ `I thought it was because you look black. . . . . Hacker: I go again! ! white: every day you come in,Brautkleider, do not feel bored? hackers: the pain, your machine is the worst I've ever seen one of the white: is not it, that was the brand name Hacker: I is that your machine yard in addition to the game mentally retarded only the virus white: Oh ~ ~ do you see my Jesus hackers:. . . . . Goodbye hackers: Hi ~ ~ ~ I come! white: not seen you for several days, was my firewall blocking you? hackers: Haha, jokes, on your machine than my own is also easy, not like me it White: I want to ask you a favor Hackers: What is it? white: you can not enter the power system changes little data hackers:. . . . . . Why do you want! ! White: I beg you, help me to my house this month,Ralph Lauren UK, the electricity consumption of the bar. . . . . . ! Hackers: die! ! hacker: you are dead go? ! ! ,Silver Bracelets UK! white:. . . . Go out and play for a few days, ah, come to me why hacker: I'm looking for something White: What I find here? hackers: the virus, looking for a few years ago the old virus,Ugg Bottes Pas Cher, the virus is only stored on your machine most all friends Hacker: I come! ! hacker: how not to speak? white: a bad mood hackers: who bullied you? White: No. I have not lost a Q, and there are my first love online hackers: This simple, I help you with your back white: take do not come back hackers: can not,Vestes Northface Pas Cher, tell me, what number? white: Woo ~ ~ ~ ~ just do not remember white: you gave me out! ! ! ! hacker: how is it? ! white: you are not using my ID to the forum play? ! ! hackers:. . . . Sorry, forgot to tell you, but I did not do bad things, it makes up the two posts, I promise next time do not play white: No! ! ! hacker: how kind you have? white: you made the post was red-faced of Jesus, the first time I was red-faced, a good time Oh, you must give me compile a hacker: down! hacker: hey, I did a lot of fun white: what hackers: * I go to the forum posted White: This is the usual ah Hacker: I see posted on the *, enjoy the curse landlord is a pig, a good vent white: Wow, so fun, I can never not, will be blocked! Hackers: Yes, has been blocked. white: this is also interesting? ! Hackers: Yes, ah, because I use your ID white: you are pro? hackers: You can say it. white: high to what extent? hackers: ah, I am bored on their own black white: Ha, this I will! hacker :#¥%! You can? ! White: Yes, ah, one off it dark. . . . . hackers: get out ........!
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