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Old 21-02-2012, 4:45 PM
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Wash the fruit of knowledge

Wash the fruit of knowledge sharing for the first time to share: cod has been sharing 10 Comments (0) to copy the link to share to reproduced Report grape surface layer of white frost clinging soil, weighs wash rotten hand light washed away, how do? cleaning method of : the grapes on the water, and then put two spoonfuls of flour or starch, not to rub it hard, just back and forth and shift back and forth, and then turn on the water brush screen wash, flour and starch are sticky , it would mess things gave the band down. usually eat the apple, there are many people like eaten with their skins, but now many preservation techniques for apple surface residual chemicals and difficult to clean. cleaning method: Apple over the water soaked in the epidermis put a little salt, and then back and forth gently rub your hands holding the apple, so that the surface of the dirt will soon be able to rub clean, then flush clean you can rest assured eat. Bayberry appearance of rugged,Mens Columbia Jackets, a little harder will be damaged, and some people simply do not wash, eat, it may be inside the parasites, people do not know where to start. clean after the cleaning method: Bayberry cleaning must use saline water for 20-30 minutes and then eat, due to salt water to kill certain bacteria, may also help to eliminate the parasitic hidden in the bayberry pulp insects. season listed positive peaches, fresh peaches delicious hair too difficult to remove. after the cleaning method: the first water soaked peaches, then grab a handful of salt coated on the surface of the peaches and gently rub a rub, and then peaches on the water soak for a while, and finally rinse with clean water, peach hair all removed. Alternatively, you can add a little salt in the water, the peaches directly into them soak for a while, then gently scrub, peach hair all out. strawberry bright red, sweet and sour, a kind of color, aroma and taste of fruit. Unlike strawberries pears, apples can be peeled to eat, and spiky strawberry appearance, thin skin, a little harder will be broken, so many people do not know how to wash it, some people simply do not wash, eat often have diarrhea and other diseases caused by eating contaminated strawberries. the cleaning strawberries should include the following steps: eat fruits and vegetables prevent cancer strawberry effect is most obvious 1 first with running tap water for flushing a few minutes, the strawberry surface of the bacteria, pesticides and other pollutants to remove the most. Note: Do not soak in water, in order to avoid pesticide dissolution in water and then be absorbed by the strawberry, and penetrated inside the fruit; the 2. The strawberries dipped in Taomi (it is appropriate for the first time Taomi) and dilute brine ( side of the basin of water, add half spoon of salt), 3 minutes, their role is different from alkaline Taomi decomposition of pesticides; dilute brine can be attached to the strawberry surface insects and eggs float, easy to be water obliterated, and disinfection. and then the flow of water the the rinse Taomi and salt water, and may be remnants of harmful substances. 4. water (or cold water), rinse it again. Moreover, it needs to be reminded that: Do not wash strawberries strawberry pedicle remove penetrate the fruit through the wound, but the pollution caused by pesticides and pollutants in order to avoid the soaking process
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Old 25-02-2012, 7:05 AM
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after the cleaning method: the first water unhealthy plums, then grab a handful of salt protected on the surface of the plums and carefully rub a rub, and then plums on the water relax for a while, and finally rinse with water that is clean, apple hair all removed.
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