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Hannah 06-05-2006 6:20 PM

Now this is just getting silly!,00.html

Really, who needs an armband for their phone? It's like the ipods which have armbands available... and at 25 bucks US, it's a little on the steep side for something which just looks tacky.

adikobih 07-05-2006 3:52 AM

I think it is more for people who does not like to carry their phone in their pockets or bags. Especially while exercising. But then, if the person is exercising, who has the time to pick up a phone call unless it is an emergency. Nokia must has a valid reason to promote such accessories for mobile phone users. Definitely not for me though..

Melos 07-05-2006 1:04 PM

Aren't there some phones that are mp3 players now too? perhaps they are marketing these phone arm bands so people can use the music capabilites while jogging or exercising.

Thumperfive 07-05-2006 5:47 PM

way too many toys for people who think they're more important than anyone else around them...


Mike C 08-05-2006 2:16 AM

Armbands? That's insane.. I can't see that being useful in any situation. It looks so foolish..

Thumperfive 08-05-2006 12:34 PM

it's foolish, but as soon as ONE celeb puts it on it'll be the trendy new thing for all the kids... argh!

raettopia 08-05-2006 12:48 PM

*shakes head in distain*

that is all.

QuietLunatic 08-05-2006 3:32 PM

How utterly bizarre. I can't imagine it being useful, but probably someone somewhere will think it the coolest thing ever.

raettopia 09-05-2006 11:39 AM

It's the kind of thing my older brother would dig.

Thumperfive 09-05-2006 12:45 PM

wait for it... it'll now start coming with flashing lights and glitter! aah!

LyricB 13-05-2006 8:33 PM

How long before they're implanting the phones inside our heads, really? :rolleyes: I don't know about you guys, but I prefer my phone in my bag, instead of as an accessory to my body!

anarch 13-05-2006 11:38 PM

I CAN see it for joggers.. probably a lot safer, in all honesty, than clipping it to a belt at your waist. Would I own one? Probably not... I don't jog and, if I did, I think it would be annoying to strap onto a sweaty old body part. Ewwww.

Netman 14-05-2006 6:01 AM

I find that a bit funny becasue I just put my phone in my pocket that is a bit extreem but good for joggers.

Trish 14-06-2006 1:49 AM

I wouldn't use it myself. But I agree with the above, it would be good for exercising. I know that when I'm out walking in the evening, I always have my cell phone with me. So if there are people that like to run/jog then it would be good for emergencies and what not.

Erin3858 14-06-2006 3:38 PM

What will they come up with next? I wont see myself sporting an arm band anytime soon but as a previous poster mentioned as soon as a celeb start wearing one they will latest fashion accessory and they will charge you 2 times as much as they charge now. lol.

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