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0dd 07-05-2006 9:09 PM

What are datacables used for?
I've never so much as heard of them, and every time I see the ad for them on the front of the page here, I always wonder what they are.

Somebody want to humour me and explain what they are please? :o

Cam29 08-05-2006 1:58 AM

Hi, data cables can be used for transfering info too/from your pc too your phone or getting mp3's and the like onto it, the disk that came with your phone is a pc suite and when installed on your pc helps with customization.
If i can help with anything else just ask! :) :D :eek:

Netman 14-05-2006 7:06 AM

Yea you can use them for mp3 but a lot of people use them to send over pics and videos that they take with their phone it saves time and money.

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