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geline 09-05-2006 6:18 AM

Cell Phone Accessories
Hello, got this from and perhaps it might be of use to decide on which accessories might come in handy, which depends, of course, on your need and your ongoing activities. Please feel free to comment afterwards and send replies. Thank you.

Cell Phone Accessories

Depending on how you use your phone, certain cell phone accessories could come in quite handy. If you are going to use your cell phone in the car often, you may want a hands-free kit or a car charger. As far as accessories are concerned, you don't need to purchase from the celluar service provider. Often, you can get quality accessories from wireless accessory stores at a better price.
Besides the standard package of a battery and a travel charger that come with a new mobile phone, it is important to note the other accessories that may come with it. Is there a spare battery? An earpiece or leather casing? Desktop charger, antenna, neck strap, cables and so on?
Such items may be optional, and if you need them, they contribute to hidden costs. Also, while you may not need the optional items immediately and can afford to get them at a later time, do make sure that such accessories for the model you want are already available. This can be a problem when you are the first on the block to get a spanking new model, only to find that it was launched before other accessories could be produced for the market.
In addition, the availability of compatible (third party) accessories can help users save money. These are cheaper than name-brand accessories, although many people believe in the myth that the quality of third party accessories are inferior in quality. This is not always true, and even if that is the case, some buyers wouldn't mind, because half the fun is in choosing another dirt-cheap replacement in another color and design not available from the original manufacturer!

  • Extra batteries
  • Hands-free kits
  • Protective cases
  • Travel chargers

seeemilywrite 09-05-2006 7:50 AM

Extra batteries are a great idea when your travel a lot, so is a car chargers. I cant tell you how many times i forget to plug my phone in at night and it needs a mid day chrage in the car!

Netman 14-05-2006 6:02 AM

Nice aticle I agree an extra battery would be nice but I do not have one becasue I bought my phone on ebay I may try to get one now.

ninikins 18-05-2006 11:47 PM

Arent phone batteries quite expensive? I do always take a protective case for my phone and a charger of course.

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