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Triumph 09-05-2006 10:54 PM

Blue Tooth Headsets
I do not currently own one so I am a bit out-of-the-loop. Last time I looked at them I think they were around ~$100.00.

Now seeing deals where brokers are throwing in free bluetooth headsets for signing up and such, I imagine they are much less pricey now. So I am curious as to the current market place, who are the quality vendors etc.

Rawpulse 14-05-2006 12:32 PM

I got a free Bluetooth headset when I bought my Motorola V80 a few years ago. I used it a few times, and it worked nicely each time. The battery seemed to run out fairly fast, especially when you use it, but the audio quality was really good.

ninikins 16-05-2006 9:09 AM

I got one with a motorola phone too, wasn't too impressed with it and looked a bit silly really :) so I ermmm lost it.

Tigriz 18-05-2006 9:59 PM

My folks have Motorola Razrs with Bluetooth technology but they don't have headsets that I know of. If the technology is already in the phone do they need the specific headset anyway or will any do?

FragleSound 20-05-2006 4:13 AM

I think that means the phone is bluetooth compatible: it can be used with bluetooth stuff but you need to get the stuff.

Triumph 22-05-2006 5:40 PM


My understanding is that bluetooth is a standard, so any bluetooth device will work with any other bluetooth device. IE if I have a bluetooth phone, any bluetooth headset will work with it.

You also see the bluetooth speaker packages for cars that will work with any blue-tooth capable phone.

econwriter5 25-05-2006 12:02 AM

Are the bluetooth headset comfortable? I've seen a few people walking around with them, and it seems to have replaced the type that is the earphone in one ear. I never liked the earphone, partly because the mouthpiece was so far away.

Bluetooth headsets don't look like much of an improvement over that as the mouthpiece seems closer to the ear than lips. Wouldn't you pick-up more background noise?

Triumph 30-05-2006 6:50 PM

Most of the bluetooth headsets I have seen were just in one ear. Kind of liked you describe. You hook it on one ear and the mic only sticks like 2-3 inches out.

HanabiJM 13-06-2006 10:10 PM

Yep. I got one too, but i bough it seperatly for like walkign around and Talking, xD. The bluetooth one works the best, that ive heard but im sure there are most advanced, not to mention ebtter, ones now that all these other phone features and models came out.

Erin3858 18-06-2006 2:18 AM

I have to say that although I have no use for this I have seen people use them and think they are really nifty. Great for someone who is always on the go and needs their hands free. I have seen a lot of people use them in airports too.

dshiznitsixt9 18-06-2006 3:30 AM

They are also good if your going to a play where you don't want your phone going off and disturbing someone. The mic is in your ear so you hear your phone ring, while others dont.

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