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Old 24-03-2012, 4:48 AM
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Blind brothers and raising abandoned baby knittin

Zhao Guangfu parents are cousins, were cousins. Zhao Guangfu and his brother Zhao Guanghui to eight or nine years old, his eyes hurt does not itch, and suddenly become blurred, and later on to see clearly. in 1997 lies woven , Zhao Guangfu mother Hechuan city a wonderful reflection of a woman abandoned baby, born only 40 days, weighing only 2 kg. Home two blind, nearly 70 of the two elderly and infirm, and now have to pick up an abandoned baby to raise, neighbors and friends do not understand the practices of the elderly. of the a lie. She has two blind father. They told her that her mother is long dead, and buried in a far, far away place. Every year, the they must let her to in the for the mother burning paper money worship li the Yuan Ba. Later, she know that this is lies woven by the two fathers, but she has not laid bare ... learned that his personal life, Zhao the Liba shall immediately know who their biological parents. Unfortunately, the grandmother of the emphysema disease, a busy grandmother treatment, Li Zhao did not have a chance to ask. every household incense for the dead relatives, Li Zhao asked about her mother's grave mound. Zhao Guangfu told her mother buried in the far, far away, so that the small Li Zhao would like to mother on mother incense behind the house empty dam. her incense lies seven years, and this is why? intentioned deception me how not having a mother? Gone to work? Chinese Lunar New Year the always want to to come back; and creating to to tell her life experience, in grown up her also be called upon this home you? The one people into the struggling to thinking about. Finally, Zhao Guangfu and the brothers decided to tell Li Zhao, my mother she was born soon died. now, Li Zhao Hechuan North Gate Middle School read the first day, and each came home from school, she was racing to help the two dads cooking, washing clothes, give them about school events; The Parents' Association Li Zhao are pleased to inform their participation ... picked up the baby girl seven years of worship 13-year-old Li Zhao reminded that should the father to buy paper money, incense, a 45-year-old Zhao Guangfu work out as early as prepared 30 dollars handed daughter. Is the end of each year, Zhao Guangfu should be squeezed out some money to allow her daughter to buy paper money, joss sticks miss weekend family happily together ... Li Zhao in the essay one together only in a dream. Korea in the future to worry about: two elderly people died, two blind people have the ability to support children living reading ...... time, Li Zhao came home from school and hear such talk. In However, the the from serious illness grandmother or out of the homes, said necessary to economize on the Qian to let her reading. It made her more embarrassed asks his personal life. Moreover, there lies the Li Zhao gradually got used to the lies, to adhere to each year as Li Zhao Notepad, the annual New Year's Eve, the father should be in the yard, burning paper money and incense, Later, Li Zhao grew up a, this task of the Dad will be handed over to she - he said, that the must to let her to fulfill their filial duties the heart. , however, raise a child is not easy. Breast milk, Li Zhao only drink rice milk; rice milk poor nutrition, the distressed daughter of Zhao Guangfu brothers went to the village of brick factory workers, two a day to earn 10 dollars to buy milk powder for children. Zhao Guangfu a meticulous care, Li Zhao a, grew up, the little guy every day become smart up - why others are father and mother accompanied visiting relatives, shopping, my family only two elderly and two walking blind by hand touched it? father and daughter trio, continued for many years lie, Why is this? neighbors Liangwen Jian Zhao Guangfu brothers eyes can not see, in order to study Li Zhao, thanks to his hands touched the work to earn money; Li Zhao it very sensible, very considerate of the two fathers, the results are very good. Think ranking the village party branch Yang Shuji said Zhao Guangfu father and daughter three stories move people and the village is also timely to implement the minimal needs, difficulties, assistance and other policies. Later, grandmother, grandfather passed away during his lifetime are told Zhao Guangfu brothers, no matter how tough no matter how poor should be sent to Li Zhao reading; Zhao Guangfu brothers do, in order for her daughter to school, the boss is responsible for feeding two cows by selling cattle and go out to plow money; second in addition to pigs, chickens, but also homemakers. Li Zhao said, to see my father, two dad is difficult to explore with mowing, cutting ragweed, hard to earn his tuition fee, if you expose the lies that they will be very sad. Later, Li Zhao really firmly believe that that Zhao Guangfu is she's father, their own have also had Guo to love their own mother.
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