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Old 09-07-2012, 2:33 AM
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and sometimes his own forgotten

"Farewell to the past, Lee Woon-jae! Bid farewell to those naive to say goodbye to those laughable behavior, farewell, that naive, Stephen Lee!"
Li Yun like themselves saying. A long period of time, he is a real hidden, but also hope that I was that young Stephen Lee, and sometimes his own forgotten, in fact he has not children. When the cruel fact is placed in front of him, he finally come to realize over themselves, in the end that Li Yun, Stephen Lee,
Nfl jerseys china let him into their hearts, a Pure Land ...
Half an hour later, Malmö two team training field, Li Yun and Nick Anderson, each with a group of people, mutual confrontation.
"Yo Oh, what to expect you to also have so many brothers, Gee, we headed star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, are you man ah? Really is remarkable. But I said, their group of people really dare and our hands do? you are not afraid, suffered in his own business, these brothers?
Nick Anderson is still an arrogant way, but obviously a little color Li stubble.
"Of course I will not go to incriminate my brothers, so there is a better idea, do not know that you dare to accept?"
Li Yun an intimate knowledge of the way, sneer Road to Nick.

At the same time it is simply to kill the eyes went directly to a person behind Nick, a very familiar - Carlsson, that he has been deep-seated antagonists guy! Saw him, Li Yun also understand that everything must be narrow-minded scum, Levin coach - this bastard in the back of malicious slander, unforgivable!
"Quite simply, I have made inquiries, you are not a goalkeeper you? But also known as one of the best talent in Europe in the future it?, You do not say that I am a 'back door of Mr.'? It with football showdown, so that everyone see, in the end we two, who is more suitable for the title is simple, I will attack you to observe, if I away from the goal 30 meters distance using only one more chance to break through your guard goal, that is, I won , on the contrary, you win you win, I knelt in front of you, in front of these people call you three times 'grandfather'; but if I win, I do not what you do, just let me hit this guy - "Li Yun one refers to Carlsson," on the line how to punch? you are not just said I'm just a waste, Wholesale nfl jerseys that you still hesitant? Do you fear a waste? "

Li Yun are not afraid Nick does not agree, and he also had to agree, rejected, on behalf of his fear of a waste of his mouth, they will lose face, so he must also agree.

"Cut, like who would be afraid of you waste like! Come, then, I am waiting for you to call Grandpa, Hey hey hey ..."

Not nonsense, Nick Anderson put goalkeeper attire, and Li Yun came to the field.

"I do not believe in a free kick not a penalty guy, a distance of 30 meters, can be used once the opportunity to shoot at the guard goal!"
The news of poor Li Yun kick your feet know before playing there from Carlsson, Nick Anderson, the more sure he will win.
Today, however,Nike nfl jerseys is bound to Nick Anderson's cup a day, because he did not know in this world, there is a thing called - kill!

The "go die!"

Angry state of Li Yun, the play out of state than usual much higher, his body has grown to kill his two natal degree of completion increased to the extent of 85% can kill the "benefit shot ", was very easy to cast a cloud.

Left foot and shoved the ball all the intense ball rotation up, then right foot hit accurately on top in football, struggling to injection. Roared the ball flying out, flying waiting for the ball in front of Nick Anderson. However, although the ball is transferred very fierce, but the ball was not fast enough, which Nick was overjoyed.
"Soft shot on this dare in front of me now?"

Ungrateful Nick reach out and pick up this in mind shot, as he wished, he was very easily touched the ball, but then he was for this behavior and regret.

"I received ... wow ah! This is how ah ... wow ......
Strong rotation of the ball directly ruthless minced his gloves, and then twisted his hands and no protection were badly mutilated, and then bounced off a Nick Anderson, flew into the net behind him with a bright red liquid, nest.
"Well, the honor our gambling!"
Neglects the painful screams in front of Nick, Li Yun walked directly to Carlsson. See Lee Woon-jae you really want to beat him, Carlsson turned and tried to run, but Kevin and Ibrahimovic either side of the stop, directly sent to the front of the Li Yun ado, endured a record straight blow.
"Well, everything get to you, goodbye!"
The punch Karlsson beat Fei, Li Yun and blows on the hand, then put down these words, chic leave. In the eyes of everyone, I saw the back of that lopsided, and it hit the symbol of farewell arms ...
Yes, Goodbye, everybody! Goodbye, Malmö! Goodbye, my hometown ...
Volume I final) step to leave. Caroline walked past Lee Woon-jae know that from this moment on, Stephen Lee,
Jerseys for cheap
, a thorough bid farewell to his first love, farewell he would not say goodbye to the green, then on, he is no longer that deliberately filled with young Stephen Lee, but completely into maturity and sophistication of Li Yun

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