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Old 16-08-2012, 5:31 AM
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March 19, Zhao suspects were taken to the Yan'an Road police station. wife has been over five months pregnant, the husband was downstairs in the house was stabbed died March 19, this newspaper reported the incident, the cause of public concern. In the afternoon, the reporter learned from the City of North Public Security Bureau, Zhao suspects to foot shop and feet after the incident, and then go to a donkey fire, eventually singing in the KTV was arrested. It is understood that Zhao had tens of millions of property, possessions squandered because of gambling, also owed four million in debt. The assailant, Zhao is 1000 yuan of debt, Yang stabbed to strangers, and lead to Yang excessive bleeding died. According to Zhao said, he stabbed the man ran away, did not know Yang is dead, and afterwards, he also let a friend returned to the scene to inquire Yang injury. Currently Zhao suspects XingJu to. >>> case playback debt collection disputes from knife stabbing people According to the City of North Public Security Bureau said, the Xu at 9:30 on March 18, Standard Hill Road, 52 a resident downstairs, near Yang and his younger brother's girlfriend Kwak after getting up out of the House, met Zhao came to debt collection. Dispute due to the borrower problem, Zhao out carry switchblade knife stabbed in Yang's neck, and then quickly fled the scene. As the knife stabbed in the neck arteries, Yang was sent to the bone hospital because of excessive bleeding to death. According to police investigators, Zhao accountable, said his brother's girlfriend of victim Yang Kwak owe 1000 dollars have been his friend did not also, the same day, Zhao ask for money. transfers, so he went to the money. >>> the incident, the suspect washing feet went singing after injury, take a taxi to leave the scene. Then because of feeling tired, went to the feet, one foot room. later hungry, they eat donkey fire, and did not feel he was badly hurt. the friend rushed to the standard mountain scene to see Yang's injuries. a fellow and I then went to Hankou Road, a KTV singing in preparation for my friend a message such as that. scared. >>> emergency arrest investigation 3 hours KTV Qinxiong It is understood that after the incident, Qingdao Municipal Public Security Bureau, Criminal Investigation Unit, City of North Public Security Bureau relevant person in charge rushed to the scene, the command to carry out the cases of detective work, drawn by Interpol brigade six squadrons and Yan'an Road police station, police force composed of Cao Peng, members of the panel, Interpol six squadrons, deputy squadron commander, said they visited the surrounding masses that Zhao suspects aboard a taxi and left the scene after committing the crime. Subsequently, they found in the homeland the vicinity of an individual hotel, Zhao traces. But Zhao was at 10 am on the back of the room. According to the store's surveillance video, the police continue the investigation, and eventually found a pub nearby in Hankou Road, Zhao disappeared. plainclothes police immediate access to the karaoke thorough investigation, was a time when at noon, only three rooms in the pub was, Zhao is one of the room singing. Police quickly surrounded the room and Zhao uniform. At that time only three hours away from the scene hours. Suspects called switchblade >>> usually used to open the door when they they tussle in a Zhao carry the knife and stabbed the past. The police investigators told reporters, why carry the tool, Zhao explained, According to the reporter, Zhao suspects, aged 38, Langfang, Hebei. At present, Zhao has been Detention law. ■ suspects about gambling lost light of millions of assets are now in debt four to five million on March 19, the reporter in Yan'an Road police station to see the suspect Zhao, almost the fourth decade of Zhao face expressionless, eyes bloodshot. Zhao, Zhao word, then slowly lowered his head. It is understood that the suspect Zhao home a 18-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter. ■ dialogue suspects Zhao: I came for money, and she (Kwak) arguing downstairs up, take the brick down the stairs after him (the deceased) hit me, I stabbed him. Reporter: Your knife is where they came from, why carry? Zhao: the knife is my friend gave it to me, I did not intentionally hurt him. Reporter: poke people you go to do? Zhao: to take a bath, and then went to dinner, and then to sing, and villagers. Reporter: know people have died? Zhao: I thought all right, I stabbed him after ran away, did not feel afraid, then there is blood on the knife, I called a friend and then have a look at my karaoke waited for that friend. Reporter: does it feel? Zhao: I am sorry, I did not mean to poke around his neck,nfl womens jerseys, I am sorry for him and his family. Reporter: his wife is five months pregnant, you know? Zhao: ...... (head and slowly lower, did not speak) ■ event progress 401 hospital is willing to deceased wife for free check-ups March 19, the newspaper reported that Yang downstairs in the home was stabbed to death one after the cause of public concern. Yang poor family, his wife and cherished more than five months pregnant, many people expressed their willingness to help them one. In the afternoon, the 401 Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, North Hospital Zhuzhu Ren told reporters, after seeing the newspaper reported, they have great sympathy for the families of the deceased, the hospital is willing to provide prenatal and free check for the wife of the deceased Yang, ; if she is willing to, then in our hospital, we can give her the most favorable treatment. Subsequently, the reporters once again called the Yang wife's phone, want this message to convey to her. kinds of situations is left. edition text / Chart reporter Zhang Bo Xu Xindong newspaper correspondent Zhang Jian
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Old 18-08-2012, 12:01 PM
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