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TracyMiller 18-09-2013 7:05 AM

How to Maintain Your Power Bank
Now many smartphones consume power quickly, so many users have power banks with them for convenience. Do you have a power bank for your cell phone? If yes, how do you maintain it? I have an MPJ power bank and I take good care of it. Maybe my experience can help you to maintain your power bank.:)

If you want to charge your cell phone with a power bank, you should pay attention to the range of the output voltage of your power bank. If the input voltage of the cell phone battery is out of the range of the power bank output voltage, you can’t connect them together to charge, otherwise the power bank and the cell phone may be damaged. My power bank fits my cell phone battery well. What about yours?;)

Before charging your cell phone, you must choose a right USB connector and a right cable. The USB connectors of cell phones are not the same now, so that we should choose a fitable line for our phones.:cool:

When charging your cell phone, you should put the cell phone and the power bank in a comfortable environment. Wetness is always not bad to electrical devices. So does power banks. Remember to put it in a dry place, guys.;)

In your daily life, you’d batter use your power bank frequently. Fully charge and discharge it every month. Thus, the service life of your power bank can not be shorten.

You should not treat your power bank violently. The components of the power bank can not be treated rudely, or they can be destroyed. I’ve never treat my MPJ power bank like that.:D

Remember to keep your power bank far away from overheat or ultracold. Overheat may damage electron components and melt some plastic components. When the power bank works in a very cold place, moisture will damage the circuit board.:o

Last, your power bank should keep a distance with harsh chemicals which can destroy it. You should not clean it with harsh detergents.

AlbertWilliam1 23-09-2013 3:08 PM

Thanks a lot friend for sharing this useful and informative article it would be very useful for newbies like me..

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jamesparlar 12-12-2013 6:19 AM

Generally most power bank shell adopts PPS substance which is already difficult enough for using. Luckily, This power adopts a better treatment on surface. Hereby, we have to keep in thoughts that how to sort out most effective power bank from industry and maintain our brand.

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