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TracyMiller 24-09-2013 8:51 AM

The Pros and Cons of Extended Battery
With the appearance of more and more functions of smartphones, cell phone battery power can be run out easily and quickly. In this circumstance, extended battery appears in the market. The capacities of some extended batteries can reach over 5000mAh. Is it really good?:confused:

Some people say that extended batteries have many drawbacks. Actually, the technology of extended batteries is not totally mature now. With the battery capacity extended, the risk of danger may accordingly increase. The anode and cathode materials of high capacity batteries are more than those of ordinary batteries, so that the defects of extended batteries, which may be more than those of ordinary batteries, can lead to fire more easily.:o Besides, the extended batteries which contain more active materials will release more energy and hurt people more badly when they explode.

As a matter of fact, the qualified extended battery contains protection of the inner components. Disasters will not happen if the battery is properly used.:cool: The standby time of the cell phones with extended batteries can be prolonged. The service time of extended batteries also increse. It can be twice the run time of the original battreries. The fequency of charging the cell phone can be reduced. That is why extended battery become a hit in the market in a short time. Many cell phone users like extended battery because extended battery brings them a lot of convenience. They can be set free from taking along a heavy spare battery or power bank.:)

However, every thing has its high limit. So do extended batteries. Extending the battery capacity without limitation is just a mirage. Moreover, extended batteries can not cover up the weakness of the mobile phone operating system.:o You can extend your battery life with an extended battery, but you can not solve the problems of mobile phone operating system, right?:D

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