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Sarah011 03-10-2013 5:07 PM

Security Code Changed - How to reset it?
Hi There! I own a nokia phone (e72) though I just bought this online. It's a not my main phone though I still use it when I am at home. However, after a couple of months of using it, I noticed that the phone system slowed down. I was advised to have my phone's settings restored to its original state though it requires a security code. I had an idea that 12345 are the usual security phone codes but it didn't worked with my phone. Apart from bringing it to a technician, is there anything else I can do? I asked the seller of the phone if he knew the security code but I got no luck at all.

I can just keep the phone but I want to use it while it still serves its purpose to me.

I would appreciate any help I could get. Promise.

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