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knighthorus 10-10-2013 7:19 AM

Need a Portable Power Bank
Having your smartphone battery die on you just when you need it most has to be one of today's top annoyances, particularly when you're miles from a wall socket. MPJ has just released a pocket-friendly backup battery pack with enough juice to charge up most modern phones six or seven times before needing a refill. The MPJ power bank sports two USB output ports, one of which can auto-identify the connected device and charge it at its full speed.
The MPJ is not quite in the same league as the other power pack, but it's a good deal smaller and quite a bit cheaper. The dimensions of L89.5*W48.5*H21mm , 120 g unit boasts a battery capacity of 5200 mAh and has a claimed energy efficiency of 100 percent.
There are no buttons, sliders, knobs or switches to spoil its lines. Instead, the MPJ is activated with a quick shake. This either starts a dump charge to a connected device or displays how much juice the external battery pack has left courtesy of a circular LED status indicator.

A micro-USB input for charging its own grade A cells sits on top, along with two full-size USB output ports. The MPJ power bank can simultaneously charge all smart phones. When the MPJ power bank has finished topping up your smartphone or tablet, it will automatically turn itself off.
The MPJ power bank ships with a micro USB cable. It has a list price of US$39.99, but is available now on Official Website for US$24.99.

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