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yipanso 13-01-2004 1:25 PM

Recently the galaxy Note 3 started doing issues
Recently the galaxy Note 3 started doing issues, like its battery would die out very quickly.

Even if fully charged, the phone would turn off in an hour or so.

A quick and cheap solution was needed and this looked like the perfect option.

This MPJ kit has all what is needed to get the battery repaired and comes with a flowchart to give instructions for every step.

A good purchase as the phone is working now just like new.

HaroldBut 14-01-2004 8:11 AM

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HaroldBut 14-01-2004 9:15 AM

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HaroldBut 14-01-2004 9:18 AM

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HaroldBut 14-01-2004 9:21 AM

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Normantug 15-01-2004 5:18 PM

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