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iqgha 13-02-2015 10:51 AM

BL-53YH LG G3 strong replacement battery

Strong Replacement Battery for LG G3 D851(T-Mobile), D850 (AT&T), VS985(Verizon), LS990(Sprint)

The LG G3 is not only a well-equipped outdoor smartphone, but is also considered to be surprisingly durable. As seven hours of talk time and up to 400 hours of standby operation called the manufacturer and should certainly be achieved in reality. But it can go even more.

More than twice as much power available
At least if you resort to the expedient of accessories Suppliers MPJ. The fact has now added a spare battery in his program that provides not less than 6,000 mAh nominal charge. For comparison: This is twice longer than the original battery. Correspondingly, the endurance of the phone is slightly more than double, which is a tip for outdoor vacations users.

Ideal for longer trips away from power outlets
In this way the phone can remain realistic more than 30 days on standby and allows one the constant availability even away from power outlets - and more importantly: In an emergency should always have enough power to be present to still make an important center or a quick glance at the to throw navigation software. The whole thing's just one catch: The replacement battery will not fit because of its huge nominal charge in the standard case of mobile phones.

Replacement battery cover included
The MPJ company supplies the right replacement battery cover. Of course you have to live with a much thicker phones after all - but it may be a small disadvantage compared with the markedly increased endurance. If you are interested: MPJ LG G3 6000mAh battery sent worldwide for only 29.99 USD.

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