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kunalkumar 20-09-2017 7:25 AM

Why people are crazy about iPhone
Demand of mobile devices is growing at a rapid pace, and Apple is at the forefront of it all. Be it kids or mature audience, iPhone inspires awe in every age bracket. The popular phone gets the right balance between work and play. To make sure the cell phone fits in every budget, the company also offers financing options...

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andaman 26-09-2017 10:07 AM

I've asked myself this questions a lot of times. And each time, I took a note in my mind. I'll tell you why people like iPhones:-
  • Physical Design - pretty simple. Just look at an iPhone...sleek, handy, just one physical home button, and the built-quality is exceptional as well (even though the iPhone 5C is plastic, it still has a great built-quality)
  • Software Design - iOS. Shall I say more ? iOS is smooth...lag-free, easy to use, cute. Unlike Android, it doesn't give you much options to customize, and that is what the mainstream users like- I mean, hell who has this time to customize little icons, flash ROMs, etc.
  • Brand Value - as soon as you see the Apple logo, you don't have to think further. No matter how much you hate their products, you know one thing for sure - the products are welp-built, reliable, fancy-looking and expensive. Admit it, Apple is a luxury.
  • Limited options - Now when it comes to iPhones , you don't really have a huge pool of choices to choose from, unlike Samsung, Lenovo, etc. It's simple - you don't have an iPhone? Well, you don't have an iPhone.

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