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0dd 09-04-2006 6:15 PM

Does anyone here NOT have accessories?
It seems that cell phones are so popular everyone needs some sort of accessory to go with it. Has anyone here resisted and not bought anything that goes with their phone? I'm guilty, I do have accessories. :o

Pghmyn 09-04-2006 11:52 PM

I don't have any accessories anymore. I broke all of the ones that I had, so now I am stuck with my wrist strap. It's alright, it's not that I really need to many accessories to be happy :)

nullensc 10-04-2006 12:02 PM

Well my Treo came with a plastic cover for it - does that count?

Other than that it also came with a in-car recharger which I never use since the battery is so efficient and a hands-free ear piece/mike device which I also never use since it gives a terrible echo and also disconnects the line if I plug it in after I picked up a call or dialled a number <-- how convenient!.

So no, I live quite happily with no extras.


bungle 10-04-2006 1:31 PM

i have no extras at all ... HAD but my kids savaged them all, so now its cheaper not to.

jops 10-04-2006 1:40 PM

The only extra I find that I need is a sock case I bought to stop any scratches and damage to my phone.

bungle 10-04-2006 1:45 PM

Nice, I was driving a few weeks back, this old dude pulled us over cause of a landslip on the road ahead & asked about my mobile, so I lent it to him, he used it was about to pass it back n tripped n dropped it. the casing is loose I dont know if a sock case would have protected it that extra bit. He felt so bad .. all in the name of a good deed!

sparky 10-04-2006 7:48 PM

I have NO extras with my Nokia 6630 - dont need any - its got everything I need already :) Oooh well - I did upgrade the memory but thats not really an extra :)

hatmandu 13-04-2006 3:52 AM

The only accessories I've got came in the box with the phone. I can't really think of any "accessorizing" I could do to my phone without calling my sexual preferences into question.:o

Mythyn 13-04-2006 9:43 AM

I don't have any accessorry, I'm not thinking of my phone as something interesting enough to decorate it XD Otherwise, I'd paint it black, put a ribbon somewhere... one of those charms things... well if it still works in a while I'll think of it as a quality product and eventually I might accessorize.

vie 13-04-2006 7:01 PM

I don't have any accessories, just my phone and the charger. It's a waste of money when you can just slap a scratch and sniff sticker on it, I'd probably get more accessories and be more into it if I had the time to buy some

Tomcat7194 14-04-2006 8:27 PM

I've yet to buy anything cosmetic, though I did buy a second charger. I've never found any real need for a case; my phone gets pretty banged up, but it's a flip phone, so the screen is well protected.

Mike C 16-04-2006 6:29 PM

I've never had any accessories.. don't need any. The only one I'd even consider is a clip, but I just put my phone in the small pocket on my jeans.

econwriter5 16-04-2006 7:03 PM

Reading this post, I don't feel so bad about not having any accessories. I only have the hands-free thing that came with my phone, and sees rather out of date as it isn's wireless. You plug and end into your phone and the other into your ear, and the microphone is halfway down it's hard to talk to people since they can't hear you unless you hold it right up to your mouth.

I thought I was the only person who didn't have cool accessories for my phone. Now it's nice to know I'm in good company.

vicki2 17-04-2006 8:56 PM

No accessories for me other than the charger! I lose stuff anyway so there's no point in buying it. I bought a really expensive Coach leather carrier and I couldn't tell you where it is now.


anarch 17-04-2006 9:58 PM

I don't have any accessories... yet. LOL. I just have the phone and the charger. In fact, I even use the default ringtones and wallpaper.
I do admit, however, that I think a hands-free might come in handy but, to date, I haven't bothered with it and I've survived just fine. :)

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