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Pghmyn 09-04-2006 11:48 PM

Wrist you use it?
You know, that little cord that comes along with most phones, I'm pretty sure that is for the wrist. Do you use it? I do, and I really love it. I know that there are times that I know I would have dropped it, if I didn't have that little strap there. It saved me so much money, in phones that is :)

jops 11-04-2006 1:14 PM

I have never ever used one of these wrist straps for any of my phones or handheld consoles. To be honest, it is purely because I don't like how it looks on my arm and nothing to do with it's usefulness.

chattycathy 11-04-2006 4:10 PM

I have had 2 phones and have never gotten a wrist strap with it? Sound like a good feature in case you get butter fingers! I'll have to check that out!

Hannah 12-04-2006 1:38 AM

I think it looks lame, so I don't wear it. It makes me feel like a 12-year old irresponsible little girl when I do.

HelloMoto 13-04-2006 12:13 AM

I don't want to wear it, to be honest. I prefer to have more flexability with my phone. I know that I will not drop my phone, I am not that clumsy :)

It is a good feature for some people though. I have to be honest. Not everyone can hold onto a phone the greatest...

hatmandu 13-04-2006 3:40 AM

I've never seen one of those straps. Are they like the straps you find on a camera, or is it some sort of velcro beast that keeps it connected to your arm even in the event of a nuclear holocaust?

Either way, sounds rather silly to me. How small is your phone that you've got to strap it to yourself to keep from losing it?

Tomcat7194 14-04-2006 8:31 PM

I never use the strap. I find that when there's a little cord dangling from something light and aerodynamic (like a phone), I have a tendency to idly swing it around in circles when I'm bored. Often, that results in me whacking the phone against something, which is just as bad as dropping it. So no, no strap for me.

ebittner 18-04-2006 3:31 PM

I have never used mine and I probably never will. I always have my phone in my pocket or in my hand so droping it in not a worry for me. I do keep the straps that come with phones just incase I every may need it.

Gotham Dark Kni 18-04-2006 3:57 PM


Originally Posted by Hannah
I think it looks lame, so I don't wear it. It makes me feel like a 12-year old irresponsible little girl when I do.

Ditto...its lame...I would soooo much rather lose my phone like a grown up darn it!...and I am ripping off this name tag on me while I am at it!

Jagg 19-04-2006 4:00 AM

Why would you need a wrist strap? That's a stupid gadget =_=. If you can't take care of a phone without a strap, then you shouldn't have a phone.

easyG 21-04-2006 9:44 PM

Wrist strap? What wrist strap? I have never recieved anything that looks like a wrist strap with any of my phones. Is this a US thing? Am I missing out? :)

Karl 22-04-2006 5:31 AM

I hate the wrist strap. It is very unconfortable. It looks stupit and its pretty usless unless you are a girl. No offence.

Apoclypse 22-04-2006 5:31 AM

I wore it once and it wore its welcome out very fast. I didnt like the design and it didnt feel good.

seeemilywrite 22-04-2006 8:05 AM

I had a wrist strap on a VERY old phone. I imagine you are taslking about an older model. I fidget a lot. So I tended to swing the phone around by the strap, once tossing it into the air and across a room. That was the end of me using the strap.

mobilephones 22-04-2006 12:33 PM

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