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moldycornflakes 10-04-2006 10:08 PM

Stupidest Accessories
What are some accessories that you think are just kind of lame?

I've never liked the whole belt clip thing. To me, when someone has a cell phone, PDA, and various other electronic divices clipped all around their belt, they look a little too much like they're trying to play intergalatic cowboy. :p

Hannah 12-04-2006 1:49 AM

Hehe I agree! If the phone is the only thing on the belt clip it's fine (though at least with women phones look better in a purse) but anything more than just a phone and it's simply tacky.

Tomcat7194 14-04-2006 8:33 PM

I don't think there's anything wrong with a beltclip from a fashion standpoint, but I don't necessarely trust it to keep my phone safe.
In terms of stupid accessories, the batteries with little lights built in are pretty stupid.

Chameleon 15-04-2006 1:16 AM

Faceplates. Call me hopelessly old-fashioned, but the whole idea of phones as a fashion accessory just boggles my mind. But then, I guess if you're going to wear your cell in your belt clip, you want it to coordinate with your outfit, right?

W.Harbaugh 18-04-2006 11:26 AM

I saw lenses that supposedly let you zoom in...

Thumperfive 18-04-2006 1:14 PM

I love the new faceplates that have lights on them... seriously, it looks like you've got a billboard clipped to your belt!

fashion sense... not!

Gotham Dark Kni 18-04-2006 4:04 PM

Probably the retractable dog lease/cell phone...what?...not out yet...only a matter of time.... I can see people chasing their dog who ran off with lease/phone...any minute now...;)

raettopia 18-04-2006 9:52 PM

Yeah, I would go with belt clips. I hate when people do that. Hatehate grrr. Sorry, belt clips=hostility.

Jagg 19-04-2006 3:47 AM

MAGNETIC belt clips. That is like the stupidest accessory. They keep falling off >_<

ebittner 19-04-2006 4:41 AM

I dont like the little lights that you can put on top of your antena. I have never had one but I just dont like them because It makes me think people want us to look at them because they have a cell phone.

Trish 19-04-2006 5:33 AM

I don't have a problem with belt clips. Don't have the need to use them myself. But alot of people find them very useful and convenient. Especially if they are a busy or on the go type of person, if that makes any sense. But the stupidest accessory in my opinion would be those little dangly things that girls like to put on their antennas. There's something else I'm thinking of but I can't really remember it anymore, lol.

vicki2 19-04-2006 7:22 AM

I'd have to chime in against belt clips!

Not only do they look a little stupid, have you ever noticed the person wearing it is always reaching around to feel if the phone is still there?


Chameleon 19-04-2006 1:29 PM

Cell phone charms. I actually almost bought one at the dollar store the other day. They're *evil* I tell you, EVIL. If they can almost suck me into paying a buck for some little thing to dangle from my cellphone they ARE evil.

dshiznitsixt9 26-06-2006 12:15 PM

lol, stupid accessories I can think of. Well I wouldn't pay for those headsets for your phone that let you hear it in your ear and answer it when it rings. That's a complete waste of money, especially when there is something called 'vibrate' on your phone.

Webster 16-07-2006 4:58 AM

I am going to have to say that the dumbest is a whole purse just for a cell phone it make no sense to me to have to carry the phone and then the purse too.

BigGuy 13-08-2006 5:08 AM

A stupid one to me is a purse for your phone. I have seen a few women with them and they make no sense to me but then again I am a guy so it shouldent.

thefactor 02-09-2006 6:34 AM

carry handle straps
what is this for....

Cloth Handle Straps to attach your phone & wrist...

OK...not so usefull

Green Diva 05-09-2006 12:37 AM

I have to agree with the belt clip. It's just dorky and awkward. I know I'd be knocking it with my hand or elbow all the time.

LyricB 05-09-2006 2:15 AM

thefactor, you are so right. I always just toss those into the trash when they come with a new cell phone.

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