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whyme 11-04-2006 2:59 PM

Lost My charger
Can i just pick up a new charger at the place where i bought my phone? or do i have to order it off somewhere.

Hannah 12-04-2006 1:38 AM

The place you bought your phone most likely does have a charger for you to buy. If you don't want to go down and look, just call them up and ask. :)

Tomcat7194 14-04-2006 8:24 PM

Check out Radioshack, they sell something called iPower that charges any cellphone. You just have to buy the tip that matches your phone, and it snaps into the charger. It's much cheaper than buying one direct from the company.

W.Harbaugh 18-04-2006 11:27 AM

They usually have them, otherwise go to the manufacturer's website.

ebittner 18-04-2006 3:29 PM

You can get it where you got your phone but they may charge you a lot more money for it. You may want to try to fin a knock off version of your phones charger at WalMart or Radio Shack.

Jagg 19-04-2006 3:40 AM

Usually, one charger works for a whole range of phones.

easyG 21-04-2006 10:05 PM

Try ebay - there always auctions on there for all kinds of phone accessories including chargers. If not just phone the manufacturers up.

Mike C 22-04-2006 3:00 AM

I'd try buying it cheap from someone I know or from eBay; eBay has everything up for auction from coupons to homes.

seeemilywrite 22-04-2006 8:26 AM

Buying a new charger from the store really is a rip off. I second or third as the case may be ebay. i found my charger for $5 on there, they wanted $40 in store for it.

mobilephones 22-04-2006 12:33 PM

Just pick up from the place you bought it!

why ordering a new one... when i had lost, i did that!

Phreak 25-04-2006 9:34 PM

You can go to the store but i would check ebay or a big store for a knock off charger.

burfi 28-04-2006 10:07 AM

All the shops have chargers. You have to just name the model and the make.

burfi 28-04-2006 10:08 AM

Although refrain from buying some stupid 3rd party charger. Stick to the phone manufacturer brand.

geline 02-05-2006 3:59 PM

Some chargers really serve many kinds of phones of the same brand.

There are chargers for sale in any phone stores around if you can't get it from the store you bought your phone from.

When buying 2nd hand/used items, make sure that the charger is really usable and not very old and used in such a way that it is almost not functioning at all.

nikasva 04-05-2006 6:47 PM

I think its easier just to order it online, i could recommend this site there are a whole bunch of original and universal chargers.

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