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joeplease 01-05-2006 1:31 PM

hi guys,does anyone know if and when or where i can buy the matrix phone

geline 02-05-2006 4:01 PM

hi! sorry joeplease but i suggest you search on the internet so that you can also buy with great deals from different stores, compare prices...

Welcome to! :)

HelloMoto 02-05-2006 11:21 PM

Welcome to the forums mate! I hope that you will enjoy the boards like I am! These boards have been great to me, and they should be to you, too.

0dd 03-05-2006 3:05 AM

Yeah, welcome!

I'd try e-bay, if I were you. You might get a good deal on it too!

cell 03-05-2006 7:06 AM

Welcome to the phone forums.
Enjoy and have fun.
Good luck

Mike C 03-05-2006 9:48 PM

Welcome to Mobile Phone Forums. Enjoy your stay!

raj_mobile 04-05-2006 7:07 AM

Welcome to the Forums,
Enjoy your stay and Keep Posting. ;)

Anyway, I didnt understood what you meant by Matrix Phone.

Afzal 05-05-2006 3:51 AM

Yes enjoy posting budd y..

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