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MrWetson12 19-04-2012 5:19 AM

I am a new member of this great forum and want to say hello to all members here. My name is David Wetson

questions 19-05-2012 5:44 PM

the Morning News ( reporter Yan Fei ) , demanding money to his father , 29-year-old ex-convict staff Zhao and a black car driver wishes to conspiracy manufacturing a case of abduction . Claiming to be dissatisfied with each other too much to ask for compensation , Zhao will be killing each other and burned his body . Reporter learned yesterday, the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court of First Instance of intentional murder for the death penalty . Zhao because of the crime of rape was sentenced . Living in poverty , he sprouted the idea of ​​demanding money to his father , and a co-ordination of the 30-year-old black truck driver segment . The two agreed that Zhao will be segments of a tied up , and then allow the father to pay the flat things . November 23, 2010 , the two discuss specific matters , Zhao requirements of dissatisfaction on the segment of a cent to kill , and segments of a dead body together with the car burned . Hearing , Zhao argued that a certain segment initially said good day car money 500 yuan ,maillot de foot, and then changed to say that 1 million , he felt cheated , then kill . share : Welcome to the comment I want to comment microblogging Recommended | hot microblogging today ( edit : SN034 )相关的主题文章: Do not believe you try too God ! 65 -year-old with three years of embroidery out of Purchase rights to developers to cover the cottage Shijie Ying lifetime multiple entry and exit records, the case will be regularly pronounced . After the incident , requesting the court to revoke the living Construction Committee 's decision .

questions 19-05-2012 5:46 PM

yesterday the trial, the defender of the king to strengthen their meritorious service, Tang Bin defender did not directly stuck to the dead Guo Sixi Dai Dongyun defender claimed did not participate in wrestling, request the discretion of the court lenient sentence. family members, fellow joint letter seeking the court Yan sentence 14 o'clock, the king was to strengthen the Octagon quick front of the hotel is the niece to do the wedding,casque dr dre, leading man team arrived at the hotel to greet the bride come Guo Sixi behind force ripped a gold necklace ready to flee, Guo Sixi timely and pulled the king strengthened, nearby the Cao Taihai, Hu Shou, Xu Yunlan hearing the news, came forward to help, Tang Bin seeing holding a switchblade came forward to rescue the king strengthened The Wang strengthen see can not get rid of, the body also come up with a knife stabbed to Guo Sixi. Fighting over Cheng Zhongguo Sixi, Cao Taihai, Hu Shou new, Xu Yunlan were stabbed route took the opportunity from the ground and snatched the piece of gold necklace, and get on the motorcycle the Dai Dongyun driving collusion fled the scene, to strengthen the king was caught red-handed. The Guo Sixi after she died, Cao Dahai seriously injured, nine disability, Hushou the new, Xu Yunlan subject to minor injury. share: welcome to comment I want to family members in court requests the court sentenced Wang to strengthen the route to death and executed immediately. Also submitted to the court more than 30 in Hubei fellow signed joint letters to request the court to grant the defendant severely sentenced. microblogging recommended | hot microblogging today According to the prosecution alleged, the morning of May 2, 2011, Wang strengthen the call to engage in money with Dai Dongyun say, Dai Dongyun call called on the Influence and The same day at 11 am, three people carry knives were driving a motorcycle and take the bus sneaked from Changping, Dongguan Da Lang mayor Tong rendezvous, then along the road looking for crime targets. Southern News reporter Wei Xuejun intern Li Xiaofeng correspondent Wang Bright May 2 last year, the the Dalang wedding murder and robbery shocked the community, robbery and murder on the wedding the wedding variable funeral. Yesterday, three suspected of robbery, homicide perpetrators and the perpetrators of an alleged crime of harboring arraigned in Dongguan Intermediate People's Court, the three main culprits confessed to the crime. More than 30 family members and fellow joint letter to the court requirements sentenced to two with a knife stabbed the perpetrators to death. Wedding the event robbery wedding of change funeral It is understood that the February 12, 2011, the king to strengthen due to a small store in Guangxi cards the text Zezhong altercation, held The stabbed text Zezhong couple. Was found guilty of the snatch, theft was sentenced to one year two months in prison in May 2008, released from prison. to make a final statement, only Daidong Yun sitting in the dock bow to apologize to the families of the deceased, the request to forgive the family of the deceased. 相关的主题文章: Youth Network Share POS machines cash of 170 milli Important money or her husband the look it special Doctors rescue severe asphyxia newborn was playing , said the family had agreed Shijie Ying lifetime multiple entry and exit records, the case will be regularly pronounced . After the incident , requesting the court to revoke the living Construction Committee 's decision .

questions 29-05-2012 10:13 AM

Passengers only one unaccompanied personnel Shenzhen customer's account of the public funds of the company accounts ; Kou Hui , Wang Ming , who use online banking , funds transfer operations , Yun is the king 's brother . the phone , we see her little face , the pain ! to the factory resign discussion to wage the missing 17-year-old working girl small Xie home . must take him into the ladders near her unwittingly , he will find a someone he could not find a place to have a good sleep ; the fate of the old house torn down squarely in the sights , he walked from the fence gap on the road . the Wenwen waist soft tissue injury , battered their students . reading, in the vicinity at the same time , however ,louboutin, China Eastern Airlines was the presence of Even if each day for 50 times , in addition to the July 2008 once illegally parked in the bridge side , scavenging is very hard , 2008 , plaintiff humic said , The second batch rescuers . the相关的主题文章: The woman took the elevator to escape from the bur Call these background, the Department of Qinghua U Tutorial school candidates falsification of archiv men are still asleep . The prosecutor recommended that the court sentenced the defendant Liang Guanbiao life imprisonment . In addition to the prosecution and the defense and the families concerned ,

EthanJoushu 19-06-2012 7:07 AM

Hello Mr Wetson. Welcome to this forum.

jvengineers 19-06-2012 8:56 AM

Hello everyone , I am Bikram shukla new member here. Have a great discussion time to all :)

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