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six-h 28-10-2007 9:29 PM

know nothing, need help, Samsung A800 - Please!
Since becoming a pensioner, (God that sounds awful!) I have resisted the pressure from family to buy a mobile phone.
(No one phones me at home, so why pay for the privilidge of not being called on my mobile!!)
I did do some research last christmas, but it was overwhelming, and I gave it up.

A couple of days ago whilst cutting my lawn, I found a Samsung SGH-A800, I initially thought it was a childs toy, but was surprised to find that it was infact a real phone complete with battery but minus a sim card!
It was a bit "dewy" so I dried it off before turning it on - nothing!

My local O2 shop kindly attached it to a charger and found that it seemed to work, and established that it was locked to Vodafone.

Vodafone were less helpful, saying it would probably die soon due to the exposure to damp, and anyway, it was probably stolen!
They would not attempt to charge the battery for a few minutes for me and suggested I dump it, or take it to the police before they came knocking on my door for using it!

Obviously, I would like to ascertain that it is not stolen before using it, but would like to establish this without loosing control to the police.
Can I do this somehow??

In the event that it is not stolen, I fancy getting it up and running as it's quite a nice little phone and would suit my needs as long as it didn't cost a lot to do (since I've become a pensioner money seems to be more of an issue!).

I would need: -
A copy of the instruction book.
A suitable charger.
Advice re any cables needed.
And ideally get it unlocked, (my earlier research seemed to show that "Orange" would be the cheapest for call charges, and most of the people that I would call are on this network)

If unlocking would be expensive, then I would be happy to stay with Vodafone.

Any inexpensive advice would be gratefully received.:confused:

six-h 30-10-2007 9:02 PM

Just thought I would share my discoveries so far with you... that is if there is really anyone out there!!
Managed to download a PDF Manual from: -Samsung Mobile : Support

Hope this is helpful to others, and await possible help/advice re my other needs!;)

six-h 01-11-2007 1:06 AM

Am I using this forum incorrectly, or is there really no one out there? !!

six-h 04-11-2007 9:17 PM

Well, gee,
thanks for all the help!
Next time, I hope I remember to put my hands in a mincer first!

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