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Scott1 03-12-2012 12:00 PM

Advice on buying iphone (pay as you go)
Hello nice to speak to you all, i wonder if you could give me some advice on buying a used iphone and a few questions i have. many thanks Scott
I have a Samsung Monte smart phone (network O2) which is (pay as you go) which i prefer and i want to buy a (used) iphone, so of course i want to keep my same mobile number e.t.c. and swap this over to a iphone, but would this mean the iphone i buy would also have to be(pay as you go ) or can i buy any iphone and just use my sim card which i have in the the samsung phone and it will still be (pay as you go),Also as regards to my sim card as it is O2 network(and would like to keep it as O2) would i have to be looking for a used iphone which already is set to O2 network, for example would it matter if the iphone i am buying is locked/or unlocked to a certain network and then could i use my own sim card in the iphone and still be able to keep my own mobile number e.t.c. I hope i've explained clearly enough and would appreciate any advice.Scott

lee 05-12-2012 7:53 PM

Hi Scott.

First you'll need a payg SIM card.

A micro sim for the 4 or 4s.
A nano sim for the iPhone 5
A normal sim for the 3GS.

You will either need an unlocked unit or one already on 02.

If the iPhone is being used say on Vodaphone then it will not accept an 02 SIM card.

An iPhone from a monthly contract will work too if its been used on 02.

If your buying a unit off someone or a shop then it's an idea to have your sim ready to try it to ensure its truly unlocked or open to all networks.

Also if its not originally on 02 you will need to ask 02 to supply their APN settings so it works on their payg Internet service.

Also get a tariff with a minimum of 500mb to 1 GB of data use.

Hope that helps.

Scott1 05-12-2012 8:37 PM

Thank you Lee for the information much appreciated.regards Scott

lee 06-12-2012 6:22 AM

Your very welcome Scott.

Scott1 06-12-2012 6:43 PM

Message to Lee (Moderator) iphone 4 info
Hi lee can i just clarify with you on a few things from your last post so that i clearly understand,as you said i will first need a pay as you go sim card does this mean i will need a pay as you go sim card and also a micro sim card for the iphone 4,i assume i can buy both new from the O2 shop or from ebay e.t.c or will i just need to buy the micro sim card(O2) and not the ordinary sim card.The Samsung Monte phone i have (sim card)measures around 2.5cm-1.5cm so i assume that this is not a micro sim card and also will not be able to use this anyway.I'm probably going to buy the iphone from ebay so of course will not be able to check if the sim card fits,if the iphone i buy says it's locked to O2 would this mean i can still use the phone as a pay as you go phone even if the person before has had a monthly contract(also if the phone i buy is unlocked is this still the case) the last thing is what would be the procedure to swap my own mobile number and info e.t.c over to the iphone would i have to do this manually so to speak as the new sim card will not have any of my details.once again i would appreciate your advice regards Scott(Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year)

lee 07-12-2012 6:29 AM

Hi Scott,

Just visit your local 02 high street shop to pick up a blank payg micro sim card.
The blank micro sim is free.

While your there ask to perform the sim swap in store and they will phone customer services, and hand the phone to you so they can transfer your mobile number and tariff to the blank micro sim. The swap can take a couple of hours to 24 hours.

If you dont have time then perform the swap online. This means you use the 02 online form from their homepage. You enter your details and they send you a code number which you input into the online page. Then you enter the long number from the micro sim and the process is complete.

If your buying an iphone 4 from e bay be very careful as some have had empty boxes sent or iphones that have blocked after a short while.

If the iphone is locked to 02 then it will operate a payg or contact 02 sim card with no issues.

If its listed as unlocked then any sim will work in it.

Ensure you have a data tariff from 500mb to 1gb if you can as the iphone cries out to be used online !

A merry crimbo to you and yours too.

Take care.

Scott1 07-12-2012 1:11 PM

Thank you Lee for the advice that's wonderful,just one last question would i have to also take the iphone that i buy into the shop with me as they swap the details over to the micro sim or can i do this first and then look for the appropriate phone to buy.many thanks Scott

lee 08-12-2012 6:03 AM


No it's not important to have the actual iPhone with you.

Take into account however that once the sim swap has been completed the original sim will shut down as the micro sim becomes live.

Scott1 08-12-2012 12:44 PM

Thank you Lee.Scott

lee 10-12-2012 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by Scott1 (Post 484866)
Thank you Lee.Scott

Your welcome Scott.

Thread resolved and closed..........................

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