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iomo 30-05-2006 7:29 AM


I am new to this forum and thought I would introduce myself.

The reason for joining this forum is due to my job role. I work for a company called Infospace and we make mobile phone games. It is my role to source new handsets and try to get them before they are released onto the main stream market so that Infospace are able to test on them.

A lot of the time my search for new handsets takes me to dead ends :( and I thought what better place to ask about mobile phones then a mobile phone forum :)

Thank you for reading my waffaly introduction :)

lpxxfaintxx 30-05-2006 10:53 AM

Hey iomo,

Interesting job you got there! Hope you can stay and be active, or else :). BTW, where is Infospace located?

iomo 30-05-2006 11:07 AM


I will try an be as active as I can :)

Infospace is based in America, they bought 2 other companies called iomo in UK and elkware in Hamburg. I am based in the UK section.

Nick 31-05-2006 6:36 PM

Welcome to the forums iomo, glad to have you here :)

Karl 31-05-2006 8:43 PM

Welcome to the forums iomo, I'm sure if you need any help testing any phones there will be people available here to help you out.

Look forward to seeing you around and hopefully you can post some reviews on the forum.

iomo 01-06-2006 7:37 AM

Thank you for your kind welcomes.

I will try and give as many reviews as possible as the main part of my job is research phones :)

And if we need any help testing etc then I will ask here first :)

meanrod 01-06-2006 1:06 PM

need the code to unlock my LG U880

iomo 01-06-2006 2:52 PM


I dont unlock the phones, I normally buy them unlocked already.

I havent really looked into unlocking as yet and so wouldnt know where to go, sorry.


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