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novaz 23-02-2013 9:55 AM

Looking to get in the 21st century by getting a cell phone Yes i know strange :)
Live in Seattle currently staying in UK
semi retired engineer
likes include photography,slotcars and the great outdoors
main reason for joining is to to seek some expert help in buying a cell phone and plan .
My intention is to look at pay as you go plans as i will be mobile 99% of the time I still have family here in UK so calling from the USA is going to be important I am not looking for a phone with lots of functions like gps or even internet as i already have those devices just a reliable phone and calling plan thats not wildly expensive
as mentioned i am a complete novice /newbie so any help would be gladly appreciated
Thank you

lee 25-02-2013 5:27 PM

Welcome to blighty Royz.

I would suggest you take a trip to the nearest City centre and have a play around with the working demo models and weigh up which network has the strongest signal where you reside and then follow on by checking out the best pay as you go tariff that suites your needs.

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