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toffeepops 17-03-2013 12:21 PM

Hi All
Stumbled upon this site whilst looking up consumer rights of a mobile phone. Hubby has only had the HTC One x plus for two months from O2, the phone will not charge and at times won't switch on, he took it to an O2 store who sent it away only to be sent a refurbished phone which wouldn't charge either so he is going back to the store today to recollect the refurbished phone to give to a courier tomorrow to literally do a swap at the front door for another refurbished phone. According to O2 these are phones that are only 7 days old. We feel like banging our heads against a brick wall... O2 are discounting my husbands mobile account for 2 months. Now O2 are saying it was his phone but they never repaired what they should of. Don't thinks he'll stay with O2 or HTC next time round.

lee 18-03-2013 10:50 AM

Hi and welcome to the forums.

This is one of the reasons why i opt to pay for my iPhones directly from Apple.

The networks shops including 02 tend to batten down the hatches when a customer returns with a faulty issue, and start quoting repair times.

Apple simply give me a new one if its hardware or software faulty.

I once did send away a phone with Argos and the phone came back with a different imei number printed on the phone, to what was in its software.

In other words it had been cloned.

The Argos manager knew it was illegal and simply took the phone off me and asked me to choose any phone I wanted from the catalogue !

If 02 continue to be unhelpful then it may be worth googling for the Sales of Goods Act paying attention to the part about the item must do and perform the function it was sold to do.

Link to Sales of Goods Act : Sale of Goods Act 1979

Quote this to the 02 shop manager and start taking names, times and dates etc to lend weight to your complaint.

02 Complaint online procedure is How to complain | Support | O2

Good luck.

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