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glasshalffull 01-05-2013 5:52 PM

Hi anyone, I need some help. could you give me advice on the cheapest way (free if possible) to unlock my phone? I need to change provider for cheaper deals and my phone is locked to vodafone. I believe I need an unlock code; does this require an individual code or are they the same for all HTC A310e models?

lee 04-05-2013 2:35 PM


The safest way is to go thro the network the phone is locked to.

Its not free but neither are the online ones.

jumpingmind 06-05-2013 6:54 AM

Unlock codes are different for every individual mobile phones. They are based upon the IMEI number of the respective mobile phones. So there is no possibility for a same unlock code for all HTC A310E mobile phones.
If you need the unlock code for a HTC A310E (Explorer) You can visit www.TheUnlockArena.Com to get the unlock code by specifying your mobile make, model, country, network, IMEI number, etc at affordable cost with easy unlocking instructions. Good luck mate.

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