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bcfcbob 03-06-2013 9:52 PM

hiya all
Hiya my names Bob,hope this place is full of people who know a thing or two about mobile phones and not full of people like me who
Hope some one can help got a sony experia z that wont connect with my 04 bmw,s bluetooth,its pairs up then the phone knocks off again after10 secs or so then tryies to connect again only to knock off again!!very annoying but apparently sony have,nt allowed for older versions of bluetooth!!! is it possible to uninstall the bluetooth in my phone and replace it with an older version that would work? many thanks people

lee 04-06-2013 3:01 PM

Hi and welcome.

Unfortunately I don't believe it's possible to downgrade your Bluetooth.

Sounds like they are not compatible.

bcfcbob 04-06-2013 8:17 PM

cheers Lee
hi Lee,
apparently sony have failed to allow for older bluetooth devices and seems to have upset a lot of people who are experiencing similar probs!! need sony to issue an update or something....thanks for your reply Lee,all the best

lee 05-06-2013 6:35 AM

No problem.

Perhaps you could meet the issue head on and contact the manufacturer for further assistance regarding the update you seek ?

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