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vozinglesa 13-04-2014 12:13 AM

Hello, and thanks for having me. I've joined the forum to get advice. I'm a theatre director, and we have a group who are about to do a play involving mobile phones. There are four of us. We all have Samsung Galaxy Chat GT-B5330's. I want us all to be taking our cues from the same recording, which we hear simultaneously over our phones, but since it's a comedy and the audience may hold things up by laughing, throwing rotten fruit, walking out etc, we need to have someone backstage who can pause the recording simultaneously so that we don't all get out of sync. The phone and the local provider (Movistar) allow for conference calls, but when I've tried it with 4 connected, the connections tend to fall out or the phones make a strange continuous buzzing noise. We could each play back the recording using the voice recorder facility, but then the synchronisation problem arises. Does anyone know how best to play back a pausable recording to several others over the phone, e.g. from a laptop or a digital recorder with a 'line out' small jack headphone connection? Is there for example a clever option involving Bluetooth?

Many thanks.


andaman 14-04-2014 6:56 AM

Hello vozinglesa nice to meet you..

seojyoti 17-04-2014 11:39 AM

My name's prakash ..I'm 22 I just graduated university, I've been bumming around for the last few months because I'm too lazy to get a job; however, I have an interview tomorrow and I'm sort of nervous, but I'm getting over it. I'm still living with my parents right now, but I do want to move out as soon as I save a certain amount of money.
I need to be a little independant, I feel like I'm behind other people my age...I want to move to Vancouver, BC where my siblings are etc... but my father suffered a stroke in September 2006 and my mom feels sort of pressured into taking care of him (they've been out of love for a long time now) so I feel guilty leaving, but my sister says not to use my homelife as an excuse not to leave.

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