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themarco212 14-05-2016 5:16 PM

LG G3 - Serious issue
My phone (LG G3 D850) has been randomly restarting for a while now and getting stuck in boot loops, this however could be resolved by plugging it in and it would then work for a few more hours. Today however I went about unrooting and reseting it in order to make it work more reliably, midway through this i decided to check for any updates in the settings which put my phone into a boot loop not allowing me to access it. I went about flashing using lg flash tool but this failed as model information did not match, at this point I realised I had changed a build.prop file on my phone to make It be A Samsung S5 (SMG920F) for an app a while ago, this means it wont flash and i cant access my phone to change this file. Any help would be much appreciated as I cannot really afford a new phone

Edit: This is the guide I used , got stuck on step 10

Edit 2: Tried to factory reset using hardware buttons before boot but this took a while to do as it continually restarted then made some progress, eventually after a while restarting it came onto a white screen with some writing but then it shut down and has been stuck in a boot loop since. Tried using flash tool again but no result

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