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sabisoodart 30-10-2018 2:19 AM

The Right Kind Of Sunglasses Can Win Your Golf Game For You
The Right Kind Of Sunglasses Can Win Your Golf Game For You

It has been proven by the testimonies of many players that golf sunglasses can help in winning and can also lead to defeat. That is because people who are not wearing something to protect their eyes from the sun are likely to burn them. On the other hand, people wearing badly designed or inappropriately tinted glasses won’t get an accurate image of the green to deliver a well primed swing.

Ultraviolet rays can work immediate damage on the eyes

Your sunglasses should be designed to provide maximum protection for your eyes. This necessity becomes critical if you are playing the game when heat peaks in summer. Besides the delayed effects of ultraviolet exposure, there are also immediate effects of ultraviolet on the body. These effects are focused on the eyes themselves if they get ‘sun burnt.’

Your sunglasses need to be of a shade that is not too dark for distinguishing things in the environment and Women Sunglasses estimating distances of far-away objects.

Which tints are recommendable for golf glasses?

The colors that are usually recommended for golf sunglasses tints are either brown or gray. These are the colors that do not absorb or let through harmful color spectra from the sun. Gray is not generally preferred by golfers themselves because the color is too dark and flattens the environment out. Use light shades of orange or reddish brown for sunglasses.

The recommendation for using tints which are light brown in shade comes not only from eye experts but also from golf players themselves. Many of them appreciate the good effects that wearing light brown sunglasses has on their playing style and efficiency.

Glare and harsh sunlight from the side of the head should also be blocked

Even if the light reaching the eyes from its sides is not really a source of great discomfort or harm for the player’s eyes, it can have the effect of making the player lose his focus and drive a bad ball through the green. The importance of tall sunglasses arms cannot be stressed enough because if a player loses his focus, his swings won’t be accurate.

Sunglasses should be fitted correctly to prevent discomfort

The way the sunglasses are designed should fix the glasses on your nose firmly enough not to be constantly Mens Sunglasses during the game. The extra motion of adjusting the sunglasses in place can every is a constant source of distraction and irritation for any player.

Bifocals are usually inconvenient to use on a golf course

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Golf players using bifocals have to bend their heads down a little lower because the normal bending position makes the reading portion of the bifocals interfere with their vision. That is no longer such a big problem today because technology has come up with stick-able reading lenses that can be fixed on sunglasses lenses to make them good for both long-distance viewing and reading purposes. People call them ‘stick-on’ lenses because they can be firmly attached to the tinted glasses. They may also be pealed off after the game and re-used.

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