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Davebristol 24-02-2009 11:01 PM

Sony Ericsson 905
I have just up-graded to a Sony Ericsson 905, not a bad phone but the battery life is woefull. The battery is all but dead after a few short phone calls. Has any body got any advice on extended its life. My old Samsung would go for days with out being recharged :confused:

lee 25-02-2009 7:44 AM


It will take a few charge and discharge cycles to reach its optimum battery charge. First charge should be overnight and dont take it off charge even when it shows battery full.

Nowadays you can 'top up' the battery charge when at home etc with no danger of the old memory effect.

Remember when you first get a fone your playing with it more and inputting all your data into it.

If you feel their is something still amiss with your handset then go see the shop where you purchased it and they could ;

Have the power management of the handset checked.
Check the battery is not at fault.

You could purchase a spare battery to carry around, although I would never recommend you opt for a 3rd party unit. Always go for the original as you are covered under warranty is something does go wrong.

Some handsets have power saver options.
Look under the menu systems to see if this option is available.
Look to see if you can lower the screen brightness.

Bluedevices 04-03-2009 4:13 AM

yeah i also face this problem with x1 but when i update my mobile softare from sony ericsson than i got solution of this problem .
if you are not getting the proper solution after updating your software thn contact to sony centre they are change your battery free of cost.

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