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cardifflee 06-04-2012 10:47 PM

need help with iphone 4 and orange uk

i have had an orange contract for a number of years alomg with my partner.

last january i upgraded my iphone 3gs to an iphone4 i had problems with reception from the start

last february i complained to orange who put me through to apple who told me there were problems with the iphone 4 anttena so they sent me a rubber bumper

still had the same problems but worse keep getting network lost message

called orange again passed me to apple who talked me through a full restore (which lost all my contacts)

still had the same problem

called 2 or 3 times since only to be fobbed off with rubbish passed to piller and post and goig through the saame actions

last week i had enough called them and was told it was my sim card so they would send me a new one

got new sim card same problem

called today engineer went through everything and yold me its a hand set fault but he couldnt do anything about it and its best to call apple

called apple was told im out of warrenty so it would cost me 25 to talk about the fault on the phone with me..... told him to stick it

called orange back after 45 minutes of being passed to everyone in orange i was told i could finish my contract early and pay 250 for the pleasure then take out a new contract ot claim off my personal insurance

do i have a leg to stand on with orange about getting my handset replaced? i pay almost 50 a month for my 2 year contract, only use about 30 mins of my 'free' 600 mins as i cant get a signal

please help

and sorry for such a long post

thanks lee

lee 07-04-2012 6:31 AM

Hi Lee and welcome to the forum.

Here are some options.

Continue with your claim against Orange and escalate it past customer services if necessary. Start logging names and dates and times.

Your phone must be over 12 month old for it to be out of warranty with apple.
If you go onto apples website and insert your hardware serial number this will tell you the current status of the warranty.

You could make an appointment with your most local outlet with an apple genius for them to discuss options.

If its in warranty then they would give you a new one or a mint refurbished one.

If it isn't then they do offer a replacement for i think around 150 to 200.

Check if your home insurance covers mobile phones too.

Sell that phone on and use the funds to purchase another.

Orange have a duty of care to provide you with a device that does what as described. Start looking at the sales of good act.

Ask to speak to the Orange Shop manager and ask for their cep's name and details about of com.

Your buzz words to use are ;

Sales of goods Act and Duty of Care

One thing to think about next time is buying Apple care which extends your warranty to 2 years for 55 approx.

Please keep us updated.

cardifflee 07-04-2012 11:04 AM

hi Lee

and thanks for the info.

My main moan is that i took a 2 year contract with orange, 1 month after i had the contract i contacted orange to complain about the signal. thats when they put me through to apple who told me there were issues with the antenna and they sent me the rubber bumper.

The complaint has been going on since 1 month into my contract. i am now 15 months into my contract so out of the 12 month warranty.

Do i have a valid issue because the same issue from day 1 is still present now?



lee 07-04-2012 11:26 AM

The signal issue that became apparent with the iPhone 4 was called the "Death Grip"

When a user held the phone and bridged the antenna gap on the bottom lefthand side of the antenna, the signal dropped.

Mine will drop 1 bar if i hold it this way without a bumper.

Made me smile when Steve Jobs made a statement saying " don't hold it that way"

The bumper stopped this issue and was given out free for a while to new iPhone 4 owners. Its just become new news in america that a lawsuit has made Apple re issue bumpers, or a $15 voucher to american iPhone 4 owners because of this issue. Unfortunately us european owners are not included !

However this is not connected to signal dropping by itself !

Apple will say its your network and your network will say its the idevice which is a catch 22 situation for you.

Even tho you highlighted your issue quite early into the contract term your window of action is gone, as the network and apple will say a owner would have swapped out the device if the problem persisted.

What you now need to do is hope one of them show a tad bit of leniency and help. Why not try e mailing Tim Cook {CEO of Apple} for help as he has been known to respond to e mails every now and then and apple do pride themselves on going that extra mile for customer service.

Good luck.

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