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lee 18-06-2015 5:24 PM

ios 8 Battery Saving tips.

I would like to share the things I personally do to try and ensure I can use my iPhone as long as possible between charged.

iOS 8 Battery Saving Tips.

Tip : A new feature lets you see which App is using how much battery.
Settings ~ General ~ Usage ~ Battery Usage.

You can force close any running App by pressing the Home Button twice ,and sliding the tile up ,or if you can live without the App then perhaps delete it.

If you want to still use the App then you could look at disabling its Location Services.

Settings ~ General ~ Background App Refresh features for that particular App to stop it eating away at battery life.

Settings ~ Privacy ~ Location Services and Background App Refresh.

Location Services.

To disable Location Services : Settings ~ Privacy ~ Location Services and toggle off or leave it on and toggle off individual Apps.

WiFi is said to eat the iPhone’s battery and a certain feature is reported to use it too called 'Search for available Networks'. To disable this launch the Settings App and tap on WiFi and tap on the On & Off toggle for Ask to Join Networks to turn it off.

Background App Refresh

To turn off Background App Refresh : Settings ~ General ~ Background App Refresh ~and disable it for Apps like Facebook ,or any other Apps that don’t need to be updated all the time.

Using Location Only While Using the app.

Apple have also added a brand new setting in Location Services which is called 'While Using the App', which means that the App will only use location services when you are using that particular App, and will not use it all the time. This can be used for apps like the App Store for example which do not need to be using location services all of the time.

You can see which Apps have recently used Location Services by navigating to Settings ~Privacy ~ Location Services.

Apps that recently used your location have an compass indicator next them. If you tap on the app then you will see the 'While Using the App', tap on it if you want the app to use location services only while using the app.

This will ensure that the app will access your location only when it or one of its features are on the screen.

Turn off Push Notifications.

Settings ~ Notifications ~ Navigate down to the 'Include' section to view the apps and tap on any one of them to turn notifications off.

Disable App Store’s Auto Updates

Settings ~ iTunes & App Store ~ Navigate to the Automatic Downloads area and turn off the Updates toggle.

You can also set it to not use Mobile Data for auto downloads and iTunes Match streaming.

Set your Auto Lock timeout so that your iPhone will go to sleep more swiftly after a time of inactivity.

Settings ~General ~Auto-Lock and then set the auto lock i to 1 minute up to 5 minutes.

Turn off Dynamic Wallpapers.
Settings ~ Wallpaper ~ Then pick a wallpaper where you can go to Stills or your choose a picture from your library.

Disable Motion effects ~Parallax.

Settings ~ General ~ Accessibility ~ Reduce Motion and toggle it off.

Disable App Store’s automatic updates

App Store automatic installs app updates in the background, but if you’re not too keen on updating all your apps, you can turn this off by going to Settings > iTunes and App Store > scroll down to the Automatic Downloads section and turn off the “Updates” switch. While you’re there, you can also tell iOS to not use cellular data for automatic downloads and iTunes Match streaming.

Turn off Location Services for :
System System services.
Diagnostics & Usage.
Setting Time Zone.
Location Based iAds
Settings ~ Privacy ~ Location Services ~ System Services.

Turn Off 4G in fringe coverage areas.

Settings ~General ~ Mobile/Cellular ~ Toggle off Enable 4G {remember to toggle back on when back in a good coverage area to enjoy the higher speeds.}

Either Turn down screen brightness via the Control Centre or enable Auto Brightness : Settings ~Display & Brightness ~ Toggle on.

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