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Old 12-11-2011, 12:36 AM
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Doctors tell us that common sense ....( remember )

1, often late night. Will get cancer. Because the stomach not break 2,Laguna Beach Jeans, one week only eat four eggs. Eat too much. Of poor health 3, chicken hips contains carcinogens, do not eat well 4, eat fruit after a meal is a misconception. Should be eating fruit before meals 5,Moncler Femme Pas Cher, Do not drink milk and sugar, add eggs. Do not drink too much 6, fasting, do not eat tomatoes, the best meal to eat 7, woke up this morning. Drink a glass of water. Prevention of stone 8, do not eat anything three hours before bedtime. Will fat 9, less Naicha. Because of the high heat. High oil. No nutritional value at all. Long-term consumption. Easy to suffer from high blood pressure. Diabetes mellitus. And other diseases 10, fresh-baked bread should not be consumed immediately 11, away from the charging cradle. More than 30 cm away from the body. Never on the bed 12, every day, drink eight cups 13, ten glasses of water a day. Bladder cancer will not come 14, drink plenty of water during the day. At low water 15, one day do not drink more than two cups of coffee. Drink too easily lead to insomnia, stomach pain 16, eat more fatty foods. Because it would take 5-7 hours to digest, and to the blood concentration of the brain to the stomach. Easy to sleep 17, after five pm. Dinner eat less, because after a five-point energy of the body do not need so many kinds of 18,10 will be happy to eat the food: deep-sea fish, bananas, grapefruit, whole wheat bread, spinach, garlic, pumpkin, low-fat milk , chicken, cherry 19, lack of sleep will make you stupid, one day shall be eight hours of sleep, not older than the siesta habit 20, the best sleep time is 10 pm 6 am 21, no more than a glass of alcohol a day, because alcohol can inhibit B cells produce antibodies, increased bacterial infection 22,Northface Mens Jackets, taking the capsules should be swallowed with cold water (be the first to eat), before going to bed 30 minutes before taking . Avoid lying down immediately 23, with a plum role to prevent aging, stay young; anger faulty are advised to eat more 24, hair loss factors: stay up late, pressure, smoking, chicken breast. Spicy pan. Greasy foods. Heavy seasoning food 25, to help hair growth: eat more cabbage, eggs. Beans; eat sweets (especially fructose) 26, a cup of lemon juice every day,Soldes Abercrombie Fitch, orange juice. Not only can white spots can fade 27, Apple is motorcycle race,Ralph Lauren Sweaters, drug addicts, housewives standing medicine, one day an order giving himself a clean lungs 28, smoking and eating vitamins (B-carotene as a vitamin-A), cause cancer, quit smoking as soon as possible. Is the most healthy way 29, women should not drink tea five periods: menstruation, pregnancy, birth before. Production after menopause 30, smoking, the relationship is the largest lung cancer, lip cancer, tongue cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, but also with bladder cancer 31, drinking lead to liver cirrhosis. Cause liver cancer 32, betel nuts can cause oral fibrosis, oral cancer 33, food is too fine, the lack of fiber; contains a lot of fat, especially cholesterol, can cause gastric 34, the food is too rough, nutrition insufficient lead to esophageal cancer, gastric cancer 35, Aflatoxin in food. Nitrite things are carcinogenic 36, do not smoke. Refused to passive smoking 37, moderate drinking, do not fight for a long time. Do not drink 38, reduce the consumption of salt. Smoked, grilled food 39, daily intake of fresh vegetables and fruit 40, a high daily intake of fiber-rich grains and cereals and legumes 41, daily intake of a balanced diet, but amount 42, to maintain ideal body weight. But fat 43, keep the law of life and movement 44, to maintain a pleasant mood 45, the right diet: eat in the morning, like the emperor, lunch like civilians at night to eat like a beggar
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