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Old 16-11-2011, 10:35 PM
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Acquaintance is a chance - Qzone log

| Back to logs list Reprinted from 102392788 at 00:05 on June 22, 2008 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Quality Photo 1, treasure only learn 4 years of professional, not to say exercise capacity, the development of quality education, the university has found you in fact only a junior high school things that you are using the most! Ability of a knowledge-based! university of the homonym is not 2, talk about a dynamic of love, so that you can understand what such a materialistic society is called the pure! To the out of school to have such a bright and clean after the memories alone! 3, at least, like after-school hobby, it will make your time in a vent bored of the arena! 4, skipping as little as possible, if the tuition fees according to your year 5000 to count the words, a class means that you lose the fast 4.16666 yuan (40 weeks a year, the 200-day course will , from day 6 now! total to 1200 class)! 5, students should not be the lack of quality, to get used to something sensible about anything to look at, avoid making a fuss all day shouting None of your things, you have him! 6, understand the canteen aunties, their wages are not high, it also 5-600 fast! If they want to take the bonus point, BOSS point deduction only from you, do not carrying the rice bowl of sand shouted They have a big old, menopausal woman easy hair loss, and occasionally found inside the food, do not complaint at every turn, it will be deducted from their bonuses! 2 quick money, there are rice dishes, and you expect? 7, if the home still rich, you can wear NIKE, ADIDA, money is not wrong! But no money and no mistake! After all, bad to wear at school, his heart is not natural! Recommended to wear these Semir, FEEL100%, elegant birds special steps such as cheaper brands but also for the students! Best time in a discount! Proposed to give consideration Anta, Li Ning, Bonwe! 8, do not buy a cell phone, first of all you do in school is not so much to do! Followed by China Mobile to offer, how to let, it is also a month make a 6-70 from you! That enough for you to eat the cafeteria for a week now! 9, if a computer, do not use it to run disc, play games, chat; learn graphic design, programming, system operation and other useful things, and that absolutely useful to you later! There are configuration does not require P43.0, RAM512's. Have a C1. 7, RAM256 you use enough, you do not qualify fashion,Ralph Lauren Coats! 10, remember not to participate in student union election, he will contribute to your early bureaucracy! Let you know, politics ---- xxxx is a decadent, dark stuff! 11, do not think that is a relief to leave the house, do not think you do not want to home, and do not want you at home, you should understand. In terms of your parents, there are thousands of college students, but only one son! Gesanchaiwu to report a safe home, a greeting on it! 12, heartbreak, do not drink, smoke to vent their own! Physical injury you can barely say their own does not matter, however, that tobacco money may be parents one day's wages! 13, Chinese culture and history can make your own mirror! Graduated from college, not even the (Red) do not know anything about! Read more books and make you believe there is still the existence of the spirit of the Chinese people have to their own lack of faith shame, do not engage in their shell like a soulless! 14, do not look down on migrant workers, prostitutes. Even our ancestors did not do the capital of migrant workers, or the matriarchal age, incest is a trend! Society is changing, we should use the historical view of rational problem! They have their own difficulties! The mistake is that they do not! Is a community! Do not cried all day long anti-Japanese, should know more about their own history, even its own history of a people who do not understand is not eligible for other people started to talk against the nation! Having said that, we can do is boycott of Japanese goods, it lost 6-7 percent of the market! 15, look at the post must Replies, Do not think of myself that can remember a four tens word! But others might spend half an hour. To recognize the labor of others! Send a
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