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Old 19-11-2011, 9:54 PM
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09 Hubei Walden six ( end)

came to Wuhan, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, take a look at it is a must! Yangtze River since ancient times was called natural moat, metaphorical insurmountable. From ancient times, there is no built over the Yangtze River on a bridge. Until after the liberation, the state under a great deal of determination, united people across the country, and finally completed in 1957, the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge remarkable. great leader Chairman Mao wrote unlimited level up! Sonorous, powerful, imposing high-spirited! only drink water, Changsha, Wuchang fish they eat. Yangtze River crossing, ahead in the Chu Tianshu. regardless of wind and waves, is worth a stroll, get Kuanyu today. Child in Sichuan, saying: lost time! wind mast move, Guiyi static, from the grand plan. Puts up a bridge north and south, natural moat change thoroughfare. more established West River Cliff, cut Wushan rain, gorges. Goddess should be okay, shocked the world when special. aged Pu'er enthusiastic way introduces the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, he is a hundred percent of the patriots. The kind of praise of his mouth, the different statements that guide the professional, but full of our motherland, Chairman Mao, a deep love for Wuhan! river mist and fog, the bridge is like a steel dragon, straight and extended to the other side of the Turtle Mountain area of ​​Hanyang, standing on the bridge next to the river bank, you can feel every part of the bridge to bring you the visual impact! This impact,Ceintures Gucci Pas Cher, a symbol of strength and unity. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge at both ends of each one pair of bridgehead for the national architectural features! There can be until a bridgehead on the elevator deck! The number of people aged Pu'er we led, one after another into the bottom of the mahogany door bridgehead. hall workers, the middle bridge bronze statue, one side is Chairman Mao visited the Yangtze River Bridge Bridge photos and then write the Secretary Peng Min's ! Just as I was happily browsing the bridge when the relevant history, just listen to aged Pu'er sigh: it was found that the elevator doors modern full, and indeed the entire display of disharmony within the bridgehead ... ... take the elevator to reach the bridgehead at the top, the bridge needed to embark on a layer of the stairs. Looked out the window from the corner, the bridge structure is clearly visible. 24,800 tons of steel beams, bridge force by the hands being the one million riveting rivets close together! At the time of the engineering level, to accomplish this great feat, the bridge in addition to excellent technology, it must also, relying on loyal to the party! One of the infinite love of the motherland and the people! railway through from the lower bridge, which is the metaphor has been the lifeblood of China's major north-south Beijing-Guangzhou line! Have been highly protected by the state's strategic railway line! very open line of sight onto the deck. Commanding the armed police guard at the bridgehead on! I immediately felt the bridge's unusual! we boarded the bridgehead at the eastern end of the bridge, then go east is under the direction of the bridge. Distance is well-known Yellow Crane Tower, in a vague haze in the city to show the figure. Bridge walk from the ladder lead down to the ground, walk not far, the main entrance area to the Yellow Crane Tower. Haha, scenic spots, actually rose to 50 yuan! I remember in 2003 when the ticket is probably only $ 10. smart Wuhan found that too many tourists here, and the Yellow Crane Tower on a long-term outdoor photo of the gate, then turn around and go. To keep these tourists High! It is high! wanted to go in luxury a return visit, but was aged Pu'er one to stop it! He said there is not much meaning, today's low visibility, difficult to watch the poetry in not far from the Yellow Crane Tower, Block E, Wuluo on the road with Military Government, the Wuchang Uprising announced here when it was abolished in the reign of the Ching dynasty. Revolution now become a museum where the statue of Mr. Sun ... ... Hall square in front of stand, staring Chu vast land! Su a brother finally appeared, and after we went to join the edge of Lake Jianghan love this hotel. The taste of a bowl full of lotus root soup bones, so that all peers are full of praise. East Lake lotus, indeed well-deserved reputation! Lake spilled along the shade, quite poetic. Anglers, wedding photographs of couples, tourists ... This all lent their music a few aircraft on the lake trail, great sailing ships belonging to Wu College, East Lake is a famous attractions. I would like to see familiar people in Wuhan will know! finally bid farewell to Wuhan, and a millet brother sent me a new reconstruction of Wuchang Railway Station. This station looks exactly like the palace of Chu. Inside the facilities and conditions, I feel, and Shenzhen Airport comparable, Shenzhen Luohu Railway Station Jiubuyongti. steel curved glass roof, spanning more than a dozen platforms. Passengers take the escalator from the corridor next to the platform ... the traffic and travel instructions clarity! Wu Changqing Wuhan high-speed rail standing mountain, is said to be more luxurious than this. The Panyu, Guangzhou high-speed rail stations are known as first in the country! Railway construction is bound to bring a new round of national economic speed! Future high-speed rail network, once formed, can be four hours in Wuhan to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, that is how convenient. Wuhan is such a city, an area of ​​staggering in recent years, big moves are staggering, with all the potential to become first-line cities. Rich history of heritage protection at the same time, behind the transformation of the old city is also very heavy burden, coupled with the ubiquitous civilian culture in the street the wind ... ... Wuhan features worth ruminate! full finished! More pictures stored in the space album ... ...
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Old 20-11-2011, 4:52 AM
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