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Old 21-11-2011, 2:50 AM
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Prodigal chick super useful summary of Amoy ~ Po s

Jewelry: shop description: SPORTICA men's flagship store,Jeans Pas Cher, the first men's shop Taobao, Taobao's GG are visiting the men have not been to the store if it is really bad, men 一级棒! shop description: honegirl flagship store, best known shoes Taobao monopoly, whether it is boots, leather shoes, reveals the owner of a strong fashion sense out of each pair of boots are so lovable, mm did not have shoes shopping This store is a big mistake: all is Taiwan and Taiwan from the motherland, fashion, beautiful women who can pay attention to, ah. - shop Description: green Zhou Zhou Meirong thin, Taobao's oldest professional slimming shop, do weight-loss industry has been treasurer for several years, each product is picked and chose out fine, the effect is obvious: 13, 【Taiwan】 fashion portal - shop description: MBOX music box flagship stores, exclusive fashion female fine jewelry, Swarovski crystal chain, South Korea, wild butterfly earrings, etc. are all fine pieces, each one really wants to have, ah, pieces of fine, highly recommended: classified by the well-known brands, such as the Nokia brand you are looking for related products, from here you can easily find sellers of the brand's quality. - If you want to buy beauty 14, home life】 【entrance - mouth-watering food, Amway and other well-known collection of health products certified shops. updated in real time the moment the most popular women's clothing, lingerie underwear, women footwear boutique. underwear: shop Description: Grass collection store, the store is set Taobao flagship grass, green tea eye gel millet grass became a sales myth, like the grass they set mm to purchase it: shop description: Mmuses underwear flagship store, almost as much as gainreel's underwear store, material models are the best, is indeed the best Underwear Taobao Monopoly: 1, Taobao Mall】 【entrance Beauty commodities, from here. - shop Description: small screw cap, wool jacket is the most prominent feature of the store not only the texture, style is also good: sportswear, sports shoes: shop Description: flagship store in Hong Aroma skin care, best skin care Taobao oil oil shop, his home shop acne, removal of scar oil products is second to none in Taobao products, as well as slimming, massage classes The oil is also very good, need to oil the students have to go have a look at this shop: 15, home decoration】 【entrance - 9, Electric City】 【Taobao entrance - Taobao official recommended a good cheap authentic home improvement stores, from here, you can rest assured to buy oh. - commodities, please enter from here. PC / laptop / brand cell phone / MP3/MP4 / cottage phone / digital camera / video camera / accessories / storage / culture, education, all in here -. 6, Beauty Beauty】 【entrance - If you are ready to Tao Tao Digital 7, shoes, bag accessories】 【entrance - the most reputable shops here on the right! Taobao official data, as we put together a large position Taobao Crown stores,Juicy Couture Tracksuits! shop Description: Male Lang zero, is a handsome gg clothing store, 4 Crown seller, the seller is very patient, highly reputable, recommended: 8, cell phone laptop digital】 【entrance - Taobao collection of all the most popular products, a selection of high-quality seller, high quality soft best sellers let you wander! shop description: AK flagship store in Europe and America often see large tracts of gg to be aware, if you like the cool style of the Hollywood actor's dress, the shop will give you a chance: shop Description: Jun Wei, clothing, more than a million seller received the Golden Crown stores, received rate of 99.94%, is really not easy, will visit the men's shop belonging to one of: shop Description: Fighting the years, the best slimming Taobao repair shop, his family ranks first among breast Taobao oil sales, as well as whether you have down the chest, stretch marks, belly and other issues to look at this store on the right, one woman favorite shops: home life if you want to buy commodities, please enter from here. Home Daily / creative home / bedding / cushion / curtain / cloth / kitchen dining / bath care / furnishings / Crafts / cross stitch, make home life in the 【】 - | Back to logs list shop Description: looking over shoe shop, to buy men's shoes in gg are direct to the store on the line, all you want to gather this brand men's store, Armani, ECCO, cat , outdoor shoes, the characteristics of his family: (if the left point does not open, please right click on each entry, select Taobao Shopping Tips: shop Description: Library sports franchise name shoes, all kinds of brand shoes discount, adidas / nike / Ning / Converse / kappa and other shoes you want everything, shoes are authentic, oh considerable discount , like sports shoes, friends, must see: shop Description: men sent Taobao package sales monopoly of men over the fire,Cheap Armani Shirts, the famous Paul is the only authorized Taobao Vuitton shop, shop counters ho bag with no different, but the price is the counter of a fraction of a lack of First, the taste of man's favorite stores: shop description: UGG boots snow monopoly, like snow boots ugg mm we all know it, the family accept the counter-inspection ugg,Casques Monster Beats, snow boots mm are needed will be visiting: men, ladies bags: If you want to buy shoes and bags jewelry products, please enter from here. Men: men will visit the trend, the coolest, most in the men's, pants, belts, purses and other large collections, from here. Reprinted from 553242047 at 13:06 on December 19 2010 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Personal Diary a super-opportunity of the chick summary Taobao classic paste, said to have been a collection of millions of times, super practical ah! After no longer stroll aimlessly Taobao you, turn it hard to see to: shop Description: You language flagship store cosmetics, Taobao hyaluronic acid moisturizing, moisturizing, mask the first shop, surely you have heard of hyaluronic acid mm name it, is indeed very good, highly recommend this shop: Women: shop description: CF Homme menswear trend, but also a really cool men's shop, this shop was established in May 2009, just over a year's time to do a 3 Crown stores, selling clothes, the extent of its can be seen! shop description: jessiejane flagship store, second only to sales of wheat bags handbag stores, style personally like to say: shop Description: Moonstone, white-collar favorite selection of shops, clothing is the kind of super-Petty, a woman's feelings, the store's slogan is keep returning 100%: shop Description: men's sheepskin Church, a great reputation, a shop, each pair of shoes is so fine, you pursue the ultimate quality of gg are sure to take a look: shop description: binger flagship store, men's business brand bags, authentic bags binger monopoly, something very positive to say: shop Description: UNIQLO excellent living museum, the store's jeans just to pass up ah, pieces of fine, well-deserved Taobao sales of the first: Men: If you are looking Taobao fine collection of small household electrical appliances, with exactly the same mall, there are formal invoice, but at a much cheaper missing shop description: deeremarchi men's flagship store to the store to tell you what the real fashion and taste: 2, woman sale】 【entrance - shop Description: God Qishu Friends of the Court, the greatest effect Taobao known cosmetic Monopoly! Eyelash growth effect of super-good solution, as well as whitening mask, freckle Taobao cosmetics are hot! There acne troubled friends must come and see, users rave reviews in 2010: 5, selected Crown stores】 【entrance - beauty,monster energy pas cher, cosmetics, slimming: shop Description: L-carnitine, the first weight loss results Taobao shops, the famous L-carnitine, want to lose weight mm mostly know this stuff, been on in a special Hunan TV of the program, Liweijia host, the effect is naturally goes without saying: 3, sale】 【man the entrance - shop Description: Shin Kong jewelry, selling jewelry Taobao monopoly, the store often have promotions mm who like to dress up something done: shop Description: Xiu Xiu Meng Gu sportswear Monopoly, kappa / adidas / nike sportswear monopoly, very affordable, a shop, the style is full, the best place to buy sportswear: shop description: joneaa clothing flagship store, the tide to the extreme male models jeans monopoly, this is the best jeans Taobao store, and like the cowboy who go and choose it gg: shop Description: Yi Qixuan children flagship store, the design is very wide, popular season very quickly, like shoes mm are worth a visit: shop Description: Zero still products, Taobao, the first men's shop, authentic Italian shoes, highlight the men's top grade ah, shoes 一级棒: shoes: 12, Amoy brand】 【entrance - shop description: gainreel underwear flagship store, Taobao ranked first, a variety of explosive lingerie models, not only looks stylish, material is also beautifully personally like this store store: Lenovo, HP, Disney, Kappa, Lock & Lock, JackJones genuine and all you want, where everything, every product is genuine, you can invoice, Genius, and commodity prices than the local mall offers a lot of people really wandered soft ah: shop Description: wheat bags, girl bags the first Monopoly Taobao estimated that many mm are aware this store! Super good-looking bags, girls have to look to the Oh! shop Description: Yin Man's flagship store, with the same love of the women's Bazaar shops, keep them coming back want to know what is what, to the store to see that: 10, health care products】 【food importers -
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