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raettopia 18-04-2006 5:33 AM

Name three things you think you are especially good at.

ebittner 18-04-2006 3:33 PM

I am good at a lot of things or atleast I think I am but here goes three things that I think I am really good at.
Building Websites, Playing Sports, Making People laught.

Gotham Dark Kni 18-04-2006 3:56 PM


Originally Posted by raettopia
Name three things you think you are especially good at.

Just three???...rats...

...math (I am an engineer, it goes with the territory), negotiations, poetry, art (painting portraits), sports in general...making people laugh/making them really, really, really mad (two sides of the same coin)...teaching kids (do that as well)...not following direction (past three a while back)...Trivia (useless info clutters my brain)...managing large projects...

...hey, wait, I am not done...give me back the mic...look, honest...there is more...why yes...I am highly egocentric...what makes you say that?...This is all so about me, me, me…

Fine, sure, give someone else a turn…the sandbox is big enough for everyone…I guess…I'll just go back to my corner and pout...

burfi 18-04-2006 4:32 PM

I am good at working with computers, fast calculations and using English as my 2nd language :D

Michael311 19-04-2006 12:04 AM

I am good at many things, but not perfect in any of them.

raettopia 19-04-2006 4:23 PM

Burfi, what is your first language?

My three best talents would be:

being charming and personable (like, making people comfortable right away when i meet them)
layering awesome stripey mixmatched outfits

Afzal 22-04-2006 4:08 AM


Name three things you think you are especially good at.

1. Religious Debates
2. Webmastering
3. Discussions ..

seeemilywrite 22-04-2006 8:07 AM

1. Video Editing
2. Writing
3. Kazoo

Thats right people I said kazoo, watch out for me :D

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