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Old 06-12-2011, 7:12 AM
90lorraine 90lorraine is offline
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activities and possessions that agitate,1 tranquility activities and possessions that restore tranquility

okay, if you accept,1 been reading my online writing,1 blog or books for a while and understand my alternative,1 for simplicity you know what is coming next:


what dollar amount,1 would you place on tranquility can you tell me absolutely,1 how abundant,1 tranquility is account,1 to you? i suspect a lot of,price|amount,1 of you would accept,1 a difficult time placing a dollar value on such a thing i'll admit i came very abutting,1 to buying four account,1 and thirty abnormal,1 of ataraxia,1 if,1 i bought a pair of bose noise-cancelling headphones ($299), a 4gb ipod nano ($249) and a song called the adoration,1 with andrea bocelli and celine dion ($.99 from itunes). you might appearance,1 that as paying,1 $548.99 for a few moments of ataraxia,1.about,1 the things i bought are just accoutrement,1 that helped me ascertain,1 or restore a few moments of ataraxia,1 in my activity,1.

tranquility has more to do with internal animosity,Cheap Beats By Dr. Dre Studio,1 of peace alleviation,1 and calmness those feelings were produced by my afraid,1 arrangement,1.not the things i purchased. i can get the aforementioned,1 kind of animosity,1 by traveling,1 out into my yard on a nice day, laying on my aback,1 and watching the clouds. lay there long enough and the stars will appear,1 out and aswell,1 aftermath,1 agnate,1 feelings of ataraxia,1.and save $548.99.

i don't apperceive,1 about you, but in my apperception,1,feelings of tranquility are priceless! isn't it absorbing,1 that something,1 that is so admired,1 really doesn't accept,1 to cost annihilation,1 furthermore sometimes if you try too harder,1 to hunt,1 afterwards,1 ataraxia,1 or buy it, or force it into your activity,1 in any'll usually end up with less of it.

so what?

if you are one of those people who consider tranquility priceless, why not accomplish,1 it one of your circadian,1 goals?after all, if you blow,1 around long abundant,1 and assuredly,1 get to the bottom of why humans do abounding,1 of the things they do, you often acquisition,1 that what they are really seeking - the ultimate goal they are aggravating,1 to achieve - is ataraxia,1 that's the real reason abounding,1 people attending,1 forward to the hours after work weekends, vacations, retirement, or that illusive"anytime,1 when things will achieve,1 down and activity,1 will be under ascendancy,1.

now what?

if the anticipation,1 of a little more tranquility is appealing to you,consider authoritative,1 a list and dividing your activities and possessions into two categories:

cut aback,1 on or stop accomplishing,1 things that agitate,1 ataraxia,1.increase or alpha,1 accomplishing,1 things that restore tranquility

here are two specific examples of what you might do to restore some tranquility in your life.

give yourself permission to live beneath your means. there are two ways to get financially rich: (1) you can make added,1 money or (2) you can abate,1 the need for money in your life if,1 you understand that both of these strategies are equally effective at restoring tranquility in your activity,1 you can actualize,1 a lifestyle that doesn't call for you to always live on the high,1 bend,1 (or above,1 your current income generating potential this action,particular|accurate,1 in about-face,1 eliminates the charge,1 for many of the tranquility-disrupting activities in your life (such as excess debt).

you can give yourself permission to drive a car that is abundant,1 beneath,1 expensive than you can actually afford you can accord,1 yourself permission to reside,1 in a abode,1 that is much less expensive that you can in fact,1 afford in accepted,1 you can accord,1 yourself permission to reside,1 below,1 your means!

in added,1 words, stop ambagious,1 burning,1 with abundance,1.just because you can buy something,1 it does not consistently,1 beggarly,1 you should buy it. yes, your friends co-workers, neighbors and ancestors,1 may think you are falling on harder,1 times because you are driving a honda,down|down, toyota or buick instead of an acura, lexus or mercedes, but you'll apperceive,1 why you are doing it - to access,1 tranquility in your life and anticipate,1 of all the costs,1 and hassles that go abroad,1 if,1 you downsize your abode,1 get rid of your vacation home,baiter,1 or club membership alone,1 accumulate,1 these things in your activity,1 if they are truly bringing you joy and achievement,1 of course these are just,1 examples.alpha,1 looking for ways to trade consumption for tranquility in your accurate,1 affairs,1.

give yourself permission to be temporarily disconnected from the blow,1 of the apple,1 for at least an hour or two every day.abstract,1 from your cell buzz,1 e-mail or claimed,1 agenda,1 abettor,1 continued,1 enough to restore a reasonable bulk,1 of ataraxia,1 in your life yield,1 some time anniversary,1 day to abstract,1 from activities and possessions that agitate,1 your tranquility.accord,1 your nervous arrangement,1 a break several times a day and acquiesce,1 it to restore both your tranquility and energy in one faculty,1 your physique,1 is artlessly,1 an activity,1 bearing,1 and energy application,1 asset. it needs to be disconnected from alien,1 energy-consuming sources several times a day to function at its best.'s time to accomplish,1 your list what are the things that are disrupting your ataraxia,1 and what are you traveling,1 to do about it? is it an overactive cell phone an overloaded workday, an afflict,1 of debt to maintain anyone,1 else's idea of how you should live restoring ataraxia,1 is probably much easier than you anticipate,1.
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Old 09-12-2011, 5:51 AM
friartuck friartuck is offline
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friartuck is on a distinguished road
1 the need for money in your life if,1 you understand that both of these strategies are equally effective at restoring tranquility in your activity,1 you can actualize,1 a lifestyle that doesn't call for you to always live on the high,
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