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ninikins 22-10-2006 10:07 PM

sites you visit every day
What websites do you visit every single day?

For me it's probably hotmail, google, kingdomofloathing and youtube.

econwriter5 25-10-2006 12:35 AM

Oh man., Chicago Tribune, Google, Gmail, AdWords, Yahoo, NYT, Blogger, Technorati...yeah, quite a few.

ninikins 25-10-2006 9:38 PM

I have like a little morning ritual that I go's funny how you fall in to the habit of visiting certain sites.

feline 28-10-2006 3:43 AM

Mine? yahoo, google, wahm, pcworkathome, and some of my online job sites... and of course, some of the forums that I have joined...

taiarain 12-11-2006 8:12 PM

Google, Craigslist, a handful of job listing sites and blogs, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, the debate forum I moderate, the writing forum I run, and probably a few others.

Tigriz 15-11-2006 1:07 PM

I've got tons!! I'd have to say yahoo for my email, and sparkpeople to keep up with my diet stats, and usually msn (games and otherwise), occasionally snapfish to check out new family photos.

vicki2 15-11-2006 1:49 PM

Like everyone else, I have a morning routine ...NYTimes, Daily Telegraph, email box, and a few others. It replaced the old routine of going out to get the morning papers at the shops.

felice206 17-11-2006 7:12 AM

I have a lot of different sites I go to, though google always seems to be up in the background among others - news sites, saving and deal sites, etc

K800i_Rules 26-11-2006 6:54 PM

Bristol rovers fc, Google, BBC News, BBC Sport, mobizoneonline, i-sketch, forums, Email,

kalpesh1 04-12-2006 6:35 PM
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candyland 10-04-2007 4:21 PM

wow men i visit alot lol but the ones that i get in everyday is yahoo, msn, myspace, youtube, and i have been looking at different phone sites lol

cooldivya 16-07-2007 6:33 AM, and it subsites,,,

feelphones 16-07-2007 9:52 AM


simrn 21-08-2007 10:37 AM

I visit
and its one of my hotttest favrt sites

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